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Price Oppo R7 HP Camera 13 MP camera 8 MP selfie

Design R7 version 5 inch Oppo made thinner with a thickness of 6.3 mm, and weighs 143 grams. Unfortunately for the screen looks still standard, unlike Oppo R7 Plus which adopted the screen from edge to edge so invisible bezel screen. Fortunately Oppo Full HD screen sharpness better than R7 R7 Plus, because the pixel density reaches -445 ppi screen so that sharper than R7 Oppo Amoled Plus screen which has a density of 367 ppi.

Price Oppo R7 priced cheaper, at a price of USD $ 400, or about 5.2 million rupiah. Cheaper price, making this phone is not equipped with a fingerprint scanner technology, and display 2.5D owned melengkun R7 Plus. But it did not matter for Performance multitasking and mobile gaming smartphone is fixed quickly, because both adopted the 64 Bit-tech processor speed Octa Core Snapdragon 615, and is equipped Ram 3 GB.Oppo R7

Unfortunately, given the internal memory capacity of only 16 GB, so that should add external memory if you want to save a lot of files. Just like Oppo R7 Plus, you must be willing to not use the sim card if you want to insert external memory on this phone. Another noticeable difference is striking, is the battery capacity is smaller with a capacity of 2320 mah. Fortunately Oppo still provide VOOC Rapid Charge feature, so as to speed up battery charging when the battery dying.

List Price Latest Ferrari 2016

Valuable billions making a very special Ferrari car, just like Lamborghini or Ferrari made cars Buggati is intended for the upper class who did not hesitate to issue a billion of rupiah to buy a car. Although the price is relatively very expensive Ferrari car, but the demand is quite large in Indonesia.

There are several clubs Ferrari who did not hesitate menggebar his car on the highway, the average premium sports car lovers come from big cities, Foto dan Harga Mobil Ferrari baru dan bekas especially Jakarta. Jakarta does support keberdaan the car, because the car dealerships are on average larger offices in Jakarta, then what about those of you who live in the area.

It goes without khawati provided the highway in the city you are relatively smooth and quiet that allows for menggeber sports car, you can order it directly to Jakarta or the nearest dealer in town you, and of course you have to prepare a budget that does little if you want to buy the Italian car.

Ferrari big names in the automotive world universe, already terdengan since the company was established in the year 1947. The company is based in Maranello, Italy has been successfully producing racing cars and sports cars with high performance, as evidenced by their sertaaan participation in Formula 1 who had not Countless victories.

Advanced engine technology owned Ferrari car is very well appreciated very expensive, has dozens of types of cars Ferrari successfully created and everything is priced expensive, Linkbecause it is a sports-type car with a powerful engine and a variety of features in it.

Thanks to the quality and quantity that it brings, make Ferrari even triumphed in the world of motor sport competition. Competitors such as Lamborghini, Porsche, and Aston Martin helpless even compete against the Italian company, because Ferrari did not hesitate to equip supercar with high berkcepatan mesih and futuristic design that can not be owned by the kompeitornya.

Cars BMW 640 and Performance

One of the vehicles elegant one else was in the homeland the BMW 640. This car is the third type produced by BMW type to six. Elegant car has a 4-door which is car 4 door first in the history of BMW.

This car brings seats 4 + 1 that provide the foot area more flexibility to the back side. Back of the seat to the back side can also be folded up to be able to make the baggage area wider the beginning 460 liters to 1265 liters.

For the performance of its work, the car is equipped with inline 6/4 TwinTurbo intercooled with cylinder 1. 979 ccm can produce optimal power of 58000 to 6000 kW with a torque of 450 Nm. elegant car can be put on the transmission of sports automatic speed 8 steptronic combined also steering system Rack and Pinion wear drive system RWD.

Comfort for some riders is indeed always prioritized by the manufacturer BMW. This sort of thing can be seen from the interior side of the super cutting edge as well as comfortable and modern.
Harga Mobil Terbaru All New BMW Section of the interior, BMW equip this car Navigation System Professional with a monitor size of 10. 2 inches, Voice Control, Bang & Olufsen High End Surround Sound System with a number of speakers number 16 and the amplifier 1200 is definitely going to be exciting to play music in it. Not just that alone. Feature Adaptive LCD headlight as well as High Beam Assistance helped decorate the interior.

How to whiten face Naturally And Fast

Have white skin and shining is a dream for many people. Especially for a woman who always wants a perfect appearance. Not even a woman who wants white skin, sometimes there are also men who want white skin. It is not impossible women and men can get the skin clean and shining white. Lots of efforts made by the community to get a bright and shining faces.

From the traditional way to instant way even tend risky and dangerous for health. That's all they do simply because they wanted a white face and shine quickly. Cara Memutihkan Wajah Secara Cepat This time let us see together what are the ways that can be done to whiten the skin:

Already long ago, bengkoang believed to whiten the skin. Bengkoang contained in starch that is used to remove dead skin cells on the face, so that the growth of skin cells that will be aroused. Using masks bengkoang can be done 2 times a week, and do it on a regular basis to obtain maximum results.

The term mask berasmungkin sound a bit foreign to ordinary people who are new to the world of beauty. Recipes using rice flour as the flour is of Japanese women. The Japanese routinely use rice flour as a mask. Cara Memutihkan Kulit Muka dan Badan Together with yam, rice flour starch contained a substance that serves to pick-up of dead skin cells on the face, so that the skin cells that changed the face of new and kulitpun be beamed.

It turns out other than to shrink pores, it turns egg white can also be used to whiten the skin. Simply separate yolk and egg white and egg whites evenly applied to the face. Once dry, it can be rinsed with warm water. Imposition good this way regularly every night, so that efficacy more pronounced and faster to whiten the skin

In addition to using the traditional way earlier, whiten the face can also be done chemically (by prescription). Cara Menghilangkan Jerawat di Punggung Usually if you get going, but need to be aware that the drugs used creams containing mercury (including heavy metals similar to whiten oasis, a use of corticosteroids is also very necessary for the dose to be monitored. If the arbitrary use of corticosteroids, can be bad for all of them. Usually when someone is too much resolve problems in the skin.

To get instant results but the real is to do the injection of vitamin C. No dose administration of vitamin C, so pemeberiannya must also comply dose. Vitamin C can stimulate the growth of dead skin cells on the face. When pemeberian vitamin C is too much, then it could be at risk of kidney stone formation. Cara Menghilangkan Jerawat Batu This is because in vitamins, calcium contained fairly high and triggers the accumulation of calcium in the kidneys.

How, make it easy enough to whiten the skin, the most important key is routine in doing these tips above. Okay until here wrote. That's some way to whiten the face, if you want maximum results, avoid direct contact with sunlight, if it must be exposed, do not forget to make sunscreen. Hope it is useful.

How to Whiten and Brighten Skin

Have white skin is the desire of all people in Indonesia, especially the women. Many ways in which to make your skin look bright and clean, ranging from the use of whitening soap, lotion bleach, bleach drugs, to the more extreme they do injecting bleach. Not just price alone are expensive, but the risk posed by the use of chemical drugs certainly have adverse effects for health. Yet how whiten the skin in a natural way, are actually not so difficult, if you know how.

Brighten the skin can be initiated by members of the outside of the first body such as the face, hands, and feet. This is because the body parts are more commonly seen when compared to the other limb. Many of the materials could be used, one of which is with yoghurt. Cara Memutihkan Tubuh Secara Alami Not only can whiten the skin, yogurt is also very useful to provide moisture to the skin. How to whiten skin naturally this is very easy, just use yoghurt as a face mask. You can menambahakannya with honey, and let stand for about 10 minutes. After a bit tight, clean the face kult using clean water.

In addition to materials such as yogurt, how to brighten the skin can be done by using various fruits like tomatoes and lemon. Using tomatoes for skin whitening can be done by smoothing tomatoes, can be in a blender or grated. After that, mix 3 drops of lemon juice and rose water. Stir all of the ingredients and apply on the face and neck. Wait 15 minutes and rinse thoroughly with cold water.
Skin Whitening Tips

Whiten the skin by using a little tomato takes time when compared with tips whiten the skin with lemon. No different with tomato, lemon also contains vitamin C. The vitamin C content of the existing lime is a natural lightening agent which can brighten the skin gradually. Cara Memutihkan Badan At the beginning of the use, the pain will be felt, but you do not need to panic because it was natural. When used regularly, the pain will not arise again, and white skin you will get. After whiten the face, the next step is to whiten the body in order not to look striped. How to whiten the skin this can be done using avocado or a mixture of lemon and egg. This whitening cream can you create by mixing lime juice and egg white. Whisk both the material and heat using a pot.

Wait a moment, so that the mixture looks solid. Wait until cool, and put the cream in the container. Apply the cream every time you want a shower for two times a day to brighten your skin. After 15 minutes you can take a shower, to clean up the remnants of the cream is used as a natural bleach earlier. Cara Memutihkan Ketiak In addition to the above, using jicama to whiten the skin can also be done. Is no stranger when the fruit has a white color is often used as an additive for whitening lotion kulit.Mengadopsi of it, we could use a yam that has vitamins and calcium to whiten skin. grated yam and apply enough on the whole body for skin whitening. Wait a little bit dry and then rinse thoroughly.

Substances contained in this yam not only have a property to whiten the skin only, but a natural ingredient jicama can also provide a cooling effect on the skin. membalurkan grated yam especially if this is done after we exposed to sun exposure or after returning from the beach. Cara Memutihkan Muka Well that was a way to brighten the skin in a natural way that you can follow. In addition to the material that is easy to can, how to use it is very easy. Purchase price of the material is also not expensive, and we do not need to worry about the risk for long-term use. Therefore choose the natural way although the results can not be seen instantly.

How to Straighten Hair Without Rebonding

Many people who want to have straight hair and looked falls, especially women. With straight hair they are confident to make a more attractive appearance and increase self-confidence. However, not everyone is as lucky as sometimes those who are gifted are born with straight hair. So they take some effort to get one with rebonding.

Usually they are not so lucky is because genetically born with no hair straight hair. Then they should be a little special effort in order to have straight hair and fall. Cara Meluruskan Rambut Secara Alami So willing to make efforts in order to make it happen with rebonding technique. Hair straightening techniques by bonding or smoothing can indeed be an option. But keep in mind rebonding or smoothing will be costly and sometimes make unhealthy hair.

But for those of you who are a little skimpy budget could try the natural way. Here are some ways to straighten hair naturally can be done at home without the expensive cost. You can try it at home and without the need to think about the risk of side effects. Milk is very beneficial for your body to stay healthy and fit. Will but if you know the milk can be used as a natural way of straightening hair. To succeed you have to use whole milk instead of the powder. Use the dose with the ratio between the water and the milk is 1 to 2.

So if you use a glass of water, then you should mix them with two glasses of milk. Mix both ingredients until evenly mixed. Cara Meluruskan Rambut Keriting Put into the bottle and spray onto the head until evenly distributed. Let stand a few minutes, then rinse using a shampoo and wash again with clean water. Hair straightening hereinafter way is to use lime and coconut head. You can use lime juice or an extract lime. Take one glass of pure coconut head of the head. Mix the lime juice or lemon extract to taste.

Mix both ingredients until evenly then let stand until shaped like cream. Use coconut milk cream and lemon, to massage to all parts of the head. Let stand a few minutes or it could be by covering it with a shower cap. Cara Meluruskan Rambut Using shampoo and rinse with clean water until clean. Celery leaves can also be used as a way without rebonding hair straightening and smoothing naturally. How to make it very easy. Take a few stalks of celery leaves. Mash until smooth, add a little water and then squeeze out the water up. Put into a bottle and let stand for about one night.

Use the juice to cream bath every day. Do not forget to massage the scalp gently. Let stand a few minutes and then be immediately rinsed. Do this regularly every day. Hazelnut is extremely helpful to fertility hair. In addition hazelnut can also be used as a way straighten hair. If you do not have time to make hazelnut oil directly. You can buy walnut oil are already widely available on the market.

Its function is almost the same as when you make it yourself at home. Apply hazelnut oil on a regular basis every day. Cara Mengatasi Jerawat Beserta Bekasnya Especially when bedtime. In the morning you can rinse until clean. Those are some ways you can do to make hair become straight. The natural way does require a longer time, but the result is good and has no side effects. The way you can do at home and do not cost a lot. For maximum results, do regularly every day. Thus a little review on how to straighten hair. Congratulations to try it.

Natural Ways to Grow Hair Balding

For those who are experiencing hair loss due to baldness must also seek information on how to naturally grow hair bald. Hair is a crown for each person and lying there on the top part of the body. Often, people suffering from baldness to feel depressed and lose confidence. Many drugs that promised able to foster and nourish the hair bald.

However, in reality these drugs is dangerous for the body because it contains many chemical compounds. Cara Menumbuhkan Rambut Botak Treatment or treatments are most suitable for growing hair in a natural way. We could go back to view the natural world around us, that a lot of healthy ingredients to be used as medication or treatment is hair loss. Here are some tips for growing hair loss:
Natural Ways to Grow Hair Balding

How to grow hair bald
Bald Hair to Grow with Eggs

Perhaps some of the readers rarely hear about the benefits of egg yolk is to foster rambuat. In fact, the yolk is very useful for that. You can apply it on your scalp and do massage for approximately 10 to 15 minutes. After that, you can immediately wash. To eliminate the fishy smell, you can use scented shampoo.
Coconut oil for Bald Hair Grow

Coconut oil is very good for hair health known. In fact, some hair oil producers use palm oil as its main ingredient. Cara Menumbuhkan Rambut The benefits of coconut oil is to accelerate the growth of hair. In addition, dandruff can be lost quickly using coconut oil. Apply coconut oil regularly every day.
Using Green Tea Treat Baldness

Green tea is very popular in the field of health and beauty. Benefits of green tea can also be felt by those who want to grow hair. Green tea has a very high antioxidant content. The content of this can be beneficial for blood circulation to the hair. The end result, rambuat will grow faster. The trick is also very easy, perform maintenance using green tea, you can just brew. After green tea is brewed, you can directly apply it on your head. Wrap your head for 20 minutes using a towel, after which you can rinse.
Utilizing Skin Hair Grow Apples

In addition to tea, apple skin also has benefits for improving blood circulation. You can smooth the skin of this apple and then applied to all parts of the head. Apple skin can be rinsed after 20 minutes.
Overcome Hair Balding Using Pecan

Seasoning this one known by the hair experts. Hazelnut can make black hair shiny and increase kesuburuannya. Cara Membuat Rambut Cepat Panjang To use this pecan seed, you have to burn first. After charred or scorched, then this pecan seed will look greasy. Hazelnut already digosongkan is then milled and applied to all parts of the hair. Preferably, use at night and in the morning you can wash.
Utilizing Olive Oil for Hair Balding

Olive oil is also known by the world as a beauty expert olive oil. This oil is very good for beauty, especially for the skin and hair. Maintained a healthy scalp and hair growth will be faster by applying olive oil. Apply olive oil after shampooing and massage gently. Evenings would be better and let the olive oil until the morning, just after the morning you can wash and clean it.

To maintain healthy hair, you should do it consistently and regularly. Lush and healthy hair can not be obtained with just one application only. Cara Agar Rambut Cepat Panjang How to grow hair naturally bald you should select as the first option before using medicines that contain chemical compounds can damage the hair, causing dandruff, as well as the more loss.

Places in Malang Mandatory Visited

What occurs to you when you hear the word Malang? Cool? Correct. Malang is located in a mountainous area, thus making the relatively cool air and making it one of the favorite tourist destination in East Java. Apples? Correct. Tempat Wisata di Malang This fruit has become an icon of this district. Apples can easily find in here, ranging from private grounds belonging to local residents, to large plantations and agro-tourism.

Jatim Park

East Java Park I, or better known as Jatim Park I is a tourist spot in Malang is a favorite of many local and out of town visitors. With the concept of recreational and educational park, Jatim Park I offer dozens of rides that are ready to entertain you and your family. Which is characteristic of the tourist attractions is of course the pool with relief background face Ken Arok. The swimming pool can be used by adults and children in accordance with the depth that has been adjusted. In addition, the swimming pool is also equipped with a variety of water sled.

For a vehicle of education, there are Science Stadium which is outdoor and indoor laboratory containing information and demonstrations ranging from physics, biology, chemistry to mathematics. Tempat Wisata di Jakarta This vehicle is powered by PLN, Telkom and several universities in East Java. There is also Papua and East Java Ethnic Gallery which displays a collection of miniature traditional house in East Java and Papua, puppets and also many other handicrafts.

Eco Green Park

Tourist attractions in Malang is the perfect visit with the children to introduce them about the importance of maintaining the environmental balance. Eco Green Park offers educational recreation park which contains a mini zoo and information about environmental preservation.

Entering this tourist area, you will be greeted by a large elephant sculpture made from the former television. These attractions have a lot of scattered rides, to get around you can hire E-Bike at a price of 100,000 rupiah for 3 hours.

Jungle Adventure is one of the exciting rides. You will get around an artificial forest with open train. Just like that? Relax. Not just drive around, you are also invited to catch hunters of wild animals in the forest. With toy guns, you have to shoot every hunter that you see. Tempat Wisata di Bandung Foresight to see and shooting speed is needed here because you have to shoot from the running train. Hmm, exciting huh?

House upside down no less interesting. Building the house upside down with the roof down and the floor above. Not only upside on the outside, but all the furniture in it was also reversed. You like to walk on the roof like Spiderman because all furniture ranging from tables, chairs and lamps in upside position. If you quite dizzy in the House this upside, get out and look for other rides.

Transport Museum

Who said museums are boring place? The Transport Museum, you can get information on the history and development of transportation in the world in a fun way. In these places, there is a large collection of other modes of transport ranging from the bicycle, wagon, an electric car to F1 racing car.

There are 10 zones that you can explore at sites of 3.7 hectares, among others, Education Zone, Italian, English, French, Las Vegas, Germany, Hollywood, Japan, Gangster & Broadway, and of course Batavia. Tempat Wisata di Bali Each zone was made as closely as possible to the original, from the streets to the landmark trademark. This makes these zones become a favorite place to take pictures. Being around, do not forget to enjoy the culinary Floating Market which serves delicious dishes.

Tourism in Indonesia four Mandatory Visited

Already as far as what you roam Indonesia? You prefer to holiday abroad or traveling around their own country? From Sabang to Merauke, Indonesia like a tapestry with a stretch of outstanding natural beauty. Tempat Wisata di Indonesia Ranging from natural resources under the sea to mountain ranges, Indonesia is the champion. Like the beach? Indonesia has a row of beach that will not run out to explore. Like a mountain? Indonesia has a waiting list for immediate mountains you climb.

Not only abundant natural wealth, in Indonesian culture is very diverse. Each region has a distinctive culture that make this country more colorful. Still dubious wealth of their own country? The following summary of 10 attractions in Indonesia that you must visit:

Komodo Island Pink Beach

The island of Komodo in the Komodo National Park along with other islands around the islands of Nusa Tenggara. In 1986, UNESCO set sights on Indonesia as one of the world heritage site. Tempat Wisata di Yogyakarta The island is considered as the Komodo dragon habitat must be protected. One of the highest honors that were achieved were successfully entered the ranks of the world's seven natural miracles or better known as the New Seven Wonders of Nature in 2011.

These attractions offer the natural beauty of the land and under the sea that is remarkable. There are many things you can do here, from trekking, diving to snorkerling.

For trekking, you can explore the island with a group and a ranger or guide. On the way, you can find dragons who are hunting prey or resting. Ranger will equip you with a forked stick that ends. These sticks are believed to weaken the dragons when these animals began to attack. By pressing the neck dragons using the tip of the forked stick, will instantly tame this beast. It is important for you to keep every movement when walking because these animals are very sensitive to sudden movement.

Diving and snorkeling in the waters of Komodo Island no less exciting. This tourist spot is also known by the natural beauty of the underwater and become one of the favorite dive sites. Tempat Wisata di Lombok Another interesting feature is the presence or Pink Beach Pink Beach. This beach is one of the seven beaches in the world that has a reddish-colored sand. This color is probably derived from coral fragments were crushed and mixed with sand along the beach. When exposed to the waves, the red color has become increasingly apparent due to damp.

Gili Lombok

Gili Trio are three beautiful islands in Lombok. The other three islands between Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air. All three are not only known by domestic tourists, but also has succeeded in attracting more foreign tourists to come.

Of the three islands, Gili Trawangan is arguably the most popular. In addition to its larger size than the other islands, here also has established many entertainment venues such as bars and cafes. There are many activities you can do in these places ranging from sunbathing, diving to snorkeling. Even more fun, you can also rent a bike or ride cidomo, a kind of wagon train horses, to get around the island.

Although Gili Trawangan more visited, but Gili Meno and Gili Air is not less interesting. Both islands also has a beautiful beach and underwater world waiting for you to explore. Both were relatively quiet atmosphere and quiet so suitable for you who really want to escape from the crowds.

Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat be excellent in the new world of Indonesian tourism. The charm of the tourist attractions in Indonesia is widely known by both domestic and foreign tourists. Raja Ampat itself is a collection of islands at the tip of Papua. There are four main islands here, namely Waigeo, Misool, Salawati and Batanta.

Natural wealth under the sea Raja Ampat not be doubted. Waters in these places are known as one of the best diving and snorkeling locations in the world. The Nature Conservancy even mention that about 75% of world marine life can be found in the waters of Raja Ampat. Tempat Wisata di Bogor To prove it, please prepare your dive perlengakapan and start exploring the underwater nature. October and November is called as the best time to dive here because of the weather and water conditions are ideal.

Besides diving, you also can explore the beauty of the mainland islands in the Raja Ampat. Locals will be happy to offer his services as a guide. During the trekking, you can also stop by the homes of citizens and interact directly or buy handicrafts such as statues Asmat and traditional musical instruments as a souvenir of their work.

Places in Central Java Should Visited

Central Java is a province located in the central part of Java Island. Because of its location in the middle, the province is often used as a resting place for people who travel from West Java to East Java. Tempat Wisata di jawa Tengah Province which is the center of Javanese culture also has many interesting sights. What are the tourist attractions in Central Java that should be visited?

Dieng Plateau

Located about 30 KM from Wonosobo, Dieng Plateau is a region that has a giant volcano crater and several ancient Hindu temples. Because it is located at an altitude of 2,000 meters, the Dieng Plateau has extremely cold temperatures. During the day, temperatures can reach 15 degrees Celsius and 10 degrees Celsius at night. Dieng Plateau is managed as a tourist attraction in Central Java jointly by Wonosobo and Banjarnegara.

Parks Hot Water Jar

Hot Water Jar park located in Tegal, Central Java. To be able to reach the location of the Park Hot Water Jar, you must drive to the south in the distance sektiar 40 KM from the town of Tegal, or about 30 KM from Slawi. Tempat Wisata di Medan As well as tourist attractions are other natural hot water, hot water in the Park Hot Water Jar is located at the foot of Mount Slamet is also believed to cure various diseases. Tourist facilities located in the tourist area covering 210 hectares, this is a heated swimming pool, jungle tours, lodging, campsite, up to the tennis courts and football pitches.


Karimun islands located in the northern city of Jepara and Semarang. The archipelago consists of 27 islands, of which only five are inhabited islands. Karimun Islands is one of the tourist attractions in Central Java is most famous for the beauty of the sea and the beach offers. In addition to beaches, you can also play with turtles and sharks in Karimunjawa. To be able to visit this tourist area, you should pay attention to the good ship schedule, do not miss it!

Borobudur temple

Borobudur is a tourist place in Central Java, the most widely visited by tourists from around the world. Borobudur is the largest Buddhist temple in the world that attracted a lot of tourists who are interested in cultural tourism and religious tourism. Located approximately 40 km to the northwest of Yogyakarta, Borobudur has a collection of Buddhist reliefs of the most complete in the world. Tempat Wisata di Jogja Borobudur is a miniature model of the universe and was built in 770 AD as a place of worship and venerate the Buddha.

Ambarawa Railway Museum

Ambarawa Railway Museum is located in the center of Ambarawa, some 20 kilometers from Semarang. Before switching functions into a museum, Ambarawa Railway Museum was once a railway station that debuted in the past. As the name implies, Ambarawa Railway Museum has a unique collection of trains and complete of which 21 steam trains, the Morse telegraph apparatus, antique phones, antique furniture, and antique bell. The pride of the collection belonging to Ambarawa Railway Museum is a steam train serrated there are only 3 in the whole world.

Marina beach

Marina beach is bukanlan Beach Marina in Batam, but Marina Beach in Semarang. Marina beach is one of the tourist attractions in Central Java is the most visited by local tourists because only a few hundred meters away from the International Airport in Semarang, namely Ahmad Yani Airport. Tempat Wisata di Semarang The Marina beach you can play boat, fishing, racing car toy, swim, to stroll in the gardens dragon fruit.

Puri Maerokoco

What it Puri Maerokoco? Maerokoco castle is a mini park in Central Java version that is located in Semarang. Now it Puri Maerokoco has become a tourist place which has the values ​​of education and culture, so many parents who bring their children to this place. Puri Maerokoco also often touted as an easy way around the central Java because it displays a variety of traditional houses from all parts of Central Java. In addition to custom homes, Puri Maerokoco also has tourist facilities such as a fishing pond, water bikes, trains, floating markets, Ferris wheel, boats, and others. Maerokoco castle is open from 8 am to 6 pm with tickets costing 10,000 rupees.

Places in Padang who Mandatory Visited

Padang is the capital city of West Sumatra province. The town is famous for its legend of Malin Kundang and Siti Nurbaya is directly adjacent to the sea and the hills, so that it automatically has a variety of interesting sights. What are the tourist attractions in Padang that visited Mandatory?

Waterfall Three Levels

Located in the village of Cendikar, Niagara Three Levels is one of the tourist attractions in Padang most mysterious. Why do I say mysterious? The answer is because not many people know about the nature of this place, not much information was also circulated about Niagara Three Levels. Tempat Wisata di Padang Why is called the Waterfall Three Levels? Because of this waterfall is three stories high, not everyone will be able to enjoy all three levels, because the journey to the third level pretty heavy, had to crawl because of slippery and steep. Waterfall Three Levels are very suitable sites for nature and adventure enthusiasts.

Museum Adityawarman

Adityawarman Museum is the most famous museum in the city of Padang. Museum was built in 1974 is in addition to already become an icon of Padang, also has become one of the tourist attractions in Padang which must be visited. Briefly, Adityawarman Museum Taman Mini is its city of Padang. Tempat Wisata di Surabaya Museum located on the land area of ​​2.6 hectares, this is the place to store and maintain various types of historical objects city of Padang, in order to preserve the distinctive culture of the city of Padang to children and grandchildren.

Air Manis Beach

AIE beach Manih or familiarly known as Sweet Water Beach is one of the tourist attractions in Padang the most famous. This beach is famous for its legend of Malin Kundang and trusted as proof that the legend is real. Malin Kundang itself tells the story about a child who does not recognize his own mother after he became a wealthy man. Then Malin Kundang condemned to stone, and the stone is in the AIE Beach Manih (Sweet Water Beach). As well as the stone Malin Kundang, this beach also offers beautiful scenery with Mount Padang as the backdrop, as well as the wave that is safe for beach tourism.

Nirwana Beach

Nirwana beach is located approximately 14 KM south of the city of Padang. The beach is located not far from the Port of Bayur bay is one of the tourist attractions in Padang most preferred because of the easy access and the distance is not far away and offered fresh atmosphere. Tempat Wisata di Lembang The best time to visit is the Nirvana Beach in the afternoon, because then you will be able to enjoy the beautiful sunset, then continued with a view of the spotlight from the Gulf Harbour Bayur.

Sand Beach Jambak

Is located 17 KM from the city of Padang, Jambak Sand Beach is one of the tourist attractions in Padang are most preferred by young people because it offers a panorama so beautiful and romantic, especially at sunset. It only takes about 30 minutes by motor vehicle, Jambak Sand Beach is a favorite of the people of Padang who want to find peace of mind.

Miniature Makkah

Miniature Makkah, as the name suggests, is a religious tourist attraction located in Lubuk Minturun. Tourist attraction built in 2010, this is fairly new, but now has become one of the tourist attractions in Padang most unique because it is really similar to the original. Tempat Wisata di Solo Miniature Makkah is also often used to practice for those who will go to the holy land. Moreover, here you can also see some species such as camel, fish, and snakes.

Type Stone Agate Ring Most Expensive Indonesia

Stone ring or so-called agate or also commonly referred to as jade, is now much in demand by the people in different parts of Indonesia, from young children to the elderly currently hunting a unique stone that can be used as a ring. This ring is used as a form of accessory in the area of ​​fingers, each agate is used must have its own kinds and types have different price rates as well.

Agate or stone rings belonging to the accessory, and classified as luxury items especially with stone ring menjulam price is very high, there is Stone Rings Expensive that cost up to tens of millions .. waw is very spectacular at all of course, is like just a ring but the price is so expensive, but for the middle class also do not worry because there are many types of stone ring that cost could be adapted to the contents of the wallet anyway.

For those of you who want to know what kind of stone most precious, the following information ...
Agate Most Expensive

Gemstone Blue Sapphire

blue sapphire 300x225 Most Expensive Type Stone Ring Agate Indonesia

The first stone ring IALA Blue sapphire, of course, this stone has a variety of types, but for the most expensive price is pegged around 90 million or 90 juta'an, you really want this agate?


PIGEON BLOOD RUBY 300x300 Most Expensive Type Stone Ring Agate Indonesia

To get the stone with this elegant red color you have to spend at least you around USD 37 million, Batu Akik Termahal or 37juta dollars, and obviously these prices could settle in accordance with the conditions change his stone ring


STAR RUBY TANZANIA Most Expensive Type Stone Ring Agate Indonesia

Not much different from the price above, for stone ring this one you have to spend about 32 juta'an to be able to put this ring on your fingers.


SUPER GIANT GREEN 300x237 Fluorite Agate Ring Stone Type Expensive Indonesia

Not much different it is with this agate, costs nearly resembling the above, so about 30 juta'an to enjoy the beauty of this translucent green stone.


LONDON SPARKLING BLUE topaz 300x225 Most Expensive Type Stone Ring Agate Indonesia

Stone ring this one, the price is quite affordable .. for those of you who really want it enough to pay about 12 juta'an only, in accordance with the quality was

SUPER GREEN Chalcedony

SUPER GREEN Chalcedony Agate Ring Stone Type Expensive Indonesia

Stone rings are smooth and clear green is pegged at 8juta'an course, for those who want it may have one of rock and affordable.
Stone Ring Most Expensive


GREEN SAFIR 300x297 Most Expensive Type Stone Ring Agate Indonesia

Well there are a little cheaper again with 6 juta'an price alone, with a spend that much you can bring a stone ring is elegant and fierce.


Purplish PINK STAR SAFIR SRILANKA 300x226 Most Expensive Type Stone Ring Agate Indonesia

For the latter, the price is not much different .. srilanka stone ring is pegged sekisar 9 jtua'an be less can be more, according to the quality of the stones used.

For local ring stones are also many who enter the category of expensive stone ring, apasajakah it?

Stone Ring Bacan

stone ring Bacan 9 300x300 Type Stone Agate Ring Most Expensive Indonesia

For this type of stone ring set price of millions, to tens and tens of millions, but for rock quality Bacan usually appreciated for 18Juta'an. Stone Bacan also there are two types of stone Bacan Doko and Palamea, can read more here (Read: Stone Bacan)

Stone Ring Kalimaya

stone ring selingkaran Kalimaya 300x278 Most Expensive Type Stone Ring Agate Indonesia

This beautiful stone with white and various shades of colored stones that are in stone ring, making the stone known Kalimaya very unique, the price is also quite expensive tablets, Mengkilapkan Batu Akik priced from around 5juta'an to 20 juta'an, depending on the quality of the stone.

Stone Ring Lagerstroemia star Cape

bungur ring stone promontory 300x224 star Expensive Type Stone Ring Agate Indonesia

And not less interesting, this one rocks recently much discussed among the public, with a very attractive purple color, making the stone is much in demand among the communities to take, the price also have started a little pricey, but for this stone can still be reached, starting harnganya 1 million - 12juta'an. This stone comes from Lampung region, more precisely in the village cape star, first stone is not so much to know and love it but now it is very well known and prices start rising from day to day.

Stone Five Colors

Five Stone Color Stone Ring 2 300x225 Type Agate Most Expensive Indonesia

Stone is known for its uniqueness five colors on the color, although these rocks belong to the stone with a solid color or opaque, but recently there were found the stone of the five colors with unique pictures, no pictures like nyi roro kidul and no picture other-image.

Images - images created in stone that makes this stone has a considerable cost, no bid of USD 20-60 juta'an tablets netizens, spectacular once yes.

Now that he's some list Stone Ring agate from the cheapest to the most expensive middle class and above, of course, it's still a little bit, there are many different types of stone rings and a variety of prices.

The Richest Man Who Got Expensive Cars

Forbes magazine released a list of the richest people back in the world for 2015. In the list released, Monday, March 1st, 2015, the Forbes back put Bill Gates the richest man in the first place with a fortune of US $ 79.2 billion, equivalent to Rp 1,027 trillion , the exchange rate of Rp 12,900 per dollar.

In the list of 500 richest people of the universal, Forbes also includes four rich people from Indonesia. Orang Terkaya di Indonesia In the preparation of this name, Forbes requires that every person has a wealth of at least US $ 3.5 billion or Rp 45 trillion.

Here are four Indonesian citizens in the list of world's 500 richest people starting from the richest.

1. Budi Hartono
Djarum company owners and Bank Central Asia is sitting at position 142. Budi noted to have a fortune of US $ 9 billion, or Rp 116.1 trillion.

2. Michael Hartono
Siblings Budi Hartono is entrenched at the level of 151. Michael has a wealth of US $ 8.7 billion, or Rp 112.2 trillion.

3. Sri Prakash Lohia
Prakash is a giant textile company boss Indorama. With a wealth of US $ 4.7 billion, or equivalent to Rp 60.6 trillion, Prakash became the richest 341.

4. Chairul Tandjung
Chairul Tanjung or so called CT with multimedia company Trans Corp, located at No. 381 tertajir the entire universe. The man who once served as Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs has a wealth of US $ 4.3 billion, or Rp 55.4 trillion.

If the wealth of the rich Indonesian fourth was merged it amounted to US $ 26.7 billion, equivalent to Rp 346 trillion.

Talk about cars. Certainly no end. In the automotive world, the car is not only used as a means of transportation, but also as a fashion, even the identity of the owner.

Of course the car brand into consideration automotive enthusiasts to serve as mounts. Quite often they Mobil Termahal di Dunia choose brands that are large and prominent. Well, of various brands of cars, there are some that are becoming the most expensive brands in the world.

This time will discuss about 5 brands most expensive car in the world. What is it? Consider the following.

Profile Ariel Tatum and Chelsea Olivia

Ariel Tatum (born in Jakarta, November 8, 1996; age 18 years) is a soap opera actress and films Indonesia. He started his career as an advertising model.

Who is not familiar with this one beautiful artist. Artists with the full name of Ariel's Daughter Dance, debuted her career as a model car ads Isuzu Panther at the age of 10 years, ever since Ariel is more familiar we are familiar with the stage name Ariel Tatum began much starred in several television commercials.

Women who have a 163 cm tall and weighs 43 kg, was born of a couple Rico Valentino Murry and Tatum Mathilda. Biodata Ariel Tatum world debut acting career began in 2005 with starring in the big screen film titled "Ariel and King of the Sky", a duration of 112 minutes movie was directed by Harry Dagoe Suharyadi and family musical drama genre. Until now there are three feature films that have been starring Ariel Tatum, including Ariel and King of Heaven (2005), Oh Baby (2008) and Kawin Laris (2009).

Not only the big screen alone, Ariel Tatum also began to enter the world of acting soap opera in Indonesia. A year after the debut of the first wide-screen movie, 2006 Ariel began starred in the film Eternal Forever, followed by Cinderela Boy in 2007, What's Love in the same year, Nikita in 2008, Rafika in 2009, he is not my son in 2010, Love Rock Star in 2013, and who was and still aired on television today is the Love of the Same.

Ariel Tatum turns acting talent passed down from her grandmother Joyce Erna who became his personal acting teacher. Biodata Nagita Slavina Joice Erna is a legendary actress with a lot of movie titles and great achievements in the era of the 80s. Inevitably Ariel increasingly honed talents thanks to the direct guidance of his grandmother.

Ariel was also begun to explore the world of singing. In 2012 he was believed to be a duet friend Ari Lasso by singing a song called Because I Have Been With you, which is one of the singles from the second compilation album Ari Lasso. By reaching the world of singing is further raised dideretan name Ariel Tatum Indonesian artists. Nothing wrong if he dubbed the multi-talented artist.

Biografi Chelsea Olivia

Chelsea Olivia (born in Lampung, July 29, 1992, age 22 years) an Indonesian actress. He is the youngest of three brothers. Biodata Chelsea Olivia The father of the mother is a native Americans. He also still has a Chinese heritage from his father. Chinese-Indonesian descent actress-Americans is also an ex-graders acceleration in one of the leading high school in South Jakarta. He finished high school at the age of 15 years.

First foray in the world of model he had made an album for children. Once incorporated into Indika intertainment he had a role in the soap opera Matahariku. Became known publicly since starred in the film The Ring. After the offer to play soap operas and commercials came to him. His name after starring in soap operas discussed Buku Harian Nayla.
Dabbling in movies and music

In addition to playing the soap opera, Chelsea Protestants were busy singing along BBB (Bukan Bintang Biasa), composed of young pesinetron like Laudya Cynthia Bella, Raffi Ahmad, Dimas Beck, and under the guidance Ayushita singer and songwriter Joey Ayala. BBB Group also fills a movie soundtrack also titled Bukan Bintang Biasa.
Love story

Soap opera Buku Harian Nayla bringing with Glenn Alinskie are also new artist who has now become her lover. Glenn and Chelsea official reportedly dating one day before the anniversary of Chelsea which to-15 dated July 28, 2007, after previously in a relationship with Ricky Harun.

Profile Justin Bieber and Nabilah JKT48

Justin Bieber (born in Jakarta, March 22, 1983, age 31 years, often called BCL) is a singer and actress in the world of entertainment Indonesian soap operas. Rush Muchlis couple's daughter and Emmy Sharif spent time on the SMP in Lhokseumawe, Aceh, and then moved to Jakarta. His hit song titled Sunny also the soundtrack for the film First Love. Profil Bunga Citra Lestari ( BCL ) He never duet with Pas Band which was the beginning of his career in the music world.

He began his career as a sitcom actress. Soap operas ever starred, among others, ABG, humming Puberty, From Temen So Demen, and Heart Guard.

He also falls in the world of music. Song ever become a hit is I Do not Want Your Own. First Love Songs (Sunny) which is the soundtrack of the movie First Love made a name Bieber increasingly popular. Dewiq creation of this song makes dreams come true interest of becoming a singer. Especially after his first solo album sold 75 thousand copies in just two weeks. [1] Owner chubby cheeks who started his career as an advertising model, is also popular with appearances with Ari Lasso passing hit me and Whistles in the album "The Best Of" .
Personal life

Flower is a cousin of Ivan Permana and Intan Ayu Purnama. Actress whose name has also been referred to as the 'source' divorce Ariel is married to Ashraf Sinclair, an actor Malaysian Malay-English descent who is also the son of a billionaire, on November 8, 2008.

Reception with traditional Malay Minang and very luxurious and festive held in two countries, namely Indonesia and Malaysia. Ashraf and flowers which gets dowry in the form of a pair of diamond earrings, the reception held in Jakarta on November 9, 2008 and in Malaysia on 14-15 November 2008.

After marriage, flowers are still developing his acting talent with the full support of her husband, Ashraf. This is proven by the compact pair appeared in a romantic film, Peanut Sauce release in 2008. Even the soundtrack of the film was presented by Flowers and Ashraf helped in the video clip.

Biografi Nabilah JKT48

Nabilah Ratna Ayu Azalia (born in Jakarta, November 11, 1999; age 15 years) is Indonesian singer and actor who is a member of idol group JKT48. He originally was the youngest member among members of JKT48, but the arrival of a new member of Generation 3 JKT48 make it not a member of the youngest anymore, because many younger. As featured members, Nabilah always go on all singles JKT48. (Up to single-9)

Nabilah included 28 participants who passed the audition JKT48 on 2 November 2011. [1] He was 11 years old when it was accepted as a member JKT48. [2] Before entering JKT48, he has often become a photo model and commercials, one of which is a tonic ad Zevit Grow. [3] Nabilah lisp, since childhood happy contest, never participated in a modeling contest, coloring contest, and a healthy toddler photo contest. [4]

Together with colleagues from Generation 1, Nabilah debut as JKT48 at 100% Powerful music program on Global TV on December 17, 2011. [5] They sang JKT48 debut song, "Heavy Rotation" with lyrics in Indonesian. [5] He also including training student Generation 1 JKT48 first appeared in the music video JKT48, "Heavy Rotation". [6]

Nabilah also includes student training JKT48 introduced in concert AKB48 Kouhaku Uta Gassen Taikou, December 20, 2011. The concert took place at the Tokyo Dome City Hall, Tokyo. [7] On December 31, 2011, it also includes 16 members who appear on the show Biodata Nabilah JKT48 Kouhaku Uta Gassen 62nd on Japanese television NHK. [8] It includes members who appeared on the show JKT48 inauguration JKT48 Theatre at fX Mall, Jakarta, September 8, 2012. [9]

Nabilah including 22 members of Generation 1 and two members of AKB48 transfer appointed member of Team J in concert JKT48 First Anniversary Event at Badminton House Senayan, December 23, 2012. [10]

It includes 16 elected members who sang the title song JKT48 debut single, "River" and 10 members elected for a second single "Do You See Mentari Twilight?"

Nabilah including six members of JKT48 forming units JKT48 Lawson R & D Team to minimarket Lawson. Biodata Melody Jkt48 Their contract runs from July to December 2013.

Profile Ariel Noah and Agnes Monica

Nazril Irham or more popularly call Ariel or Biodata Ariel Noah Nazril Irham (born in Pangkalan Brandan, September 16, 1981, age 33 years) is an Indonesian musician who is the lead vocalist of rock band Noah.

Ariel was born to Nazmul Irphan and Darlina Dervish. He is the youngest of three brothers. Her father, who is an employee of the ethnic Malays in the field of oil company Pertamina. While the bloody mother Minangkabau is an ordinary housewife. Due to work as a field officer, the father worked at the location on the move. Staying in Pangkalan Brandan few months, Ariel small and family had to move to Langsa in Aceh. In Langsa small Ariel began studying in Kindergarten (TK), which is in kindergarten Bungong Seulanga (since 2014 to kindergarten Kartika Jaya XIV-5 Langsa). In this place to stay in a residential Ariel BTN Asamera Langsa. Having lived in Langsa for seven years, Ariel family moved to Bandung.

Since childhood, Ariel has demonstrated great talent in the field of art, but not in the field of singing. Artistic talent looks of Ariel precisely in the field of drawing. He had won several races draw in Bandung. Because of a hobby of drawing, Ariel had wanted to be an architect. But, in the middle of the journey of his life, he found a new hobby that interested him, namely playing music. From this Ariel then pursue a career.

Ariel school in SMP Negeri 14 Bandung. Ariel habit of singing in Warung Mrs. Cruz, close to school, it brings a change in his musical career. Since class I junior, Ariel has been intense formed the band. The establishment of the first musical group called Peppermint. Unfortunately, fate only lasted seven months.

Then he made another music group called Sliver, and then Cholesterol with Uki, Qibil and Erick, and hat in 1997 along Uki, Afrian, Abel, Ari and Andie. Again, it all broke up in the middle of the road. But the latter band passable meritorious for his career. On 1 September 2000, Biografi Luna Maya few people involved in cap-including Ariel- agreed to form a new band named Peter with a new formation that is Ariel, Uki, Lukman, Reza, Andika and Indra and survived until now.

Together Peterpan, Ariel seeks to penetrate the top cafés in Bandung. Peterpan appearance in cafes Broom Sticks attractive plus vocal character Ariel secretly attracted Noey -eks Java Jive base which later became produser- to enter their songs in a compilation album Story of 2002 Nights. Perfect Dream Songs contained in the compilation album so successful capital for Peter to penetrate the recording industry.

In 2003, Peter released the album Heaven Park. This album was exploded. Admittedly, one of the factors that support best-selling album are the vocals Ariel and the ability to process the lyrics. The lyrics are made admirer Kahlil Gibran is deep. Being able to touch the bottom of the hearts of listeners songs.

Naturally, if the name of Ariel getting bounced. Position as frontman enable transformed to be the new idol. The climax, when the album "Stars in Heaven" was released mid-2004. Ariel really so worship music lovers Indonesia from Sabang to Merauke.

In the midst of the flood popularity, Ariel was hampered problem. He was rumored to have been knocked up his girlfriend, a girl named Sarah from Semarang Amalia. Gossip is inevitable by Ariel. He then married Lia willing to account for his actions. A marriage that is kept secret from the media spotlight.

Married at a young age had made many people doubt on the viability and career Ariel Peterpan. Doubt it clearly must be answered by Ariel. The trick, especially if not continue working with a vengeance. Continued to produce songs that entertain and can be enjoyed by the Indonesian music listener.

But unlucky, when Peter is being topped victorious in the Indonesian music scene, In June 2010, Ariel must terganjar porn video case involving himself with the artist Luna Maya and Cut Tari. However, like other successful people, Ariel severe fall can now bounce back strongly to the top of the music of Indonesia, together with previous musical group, after free. Now the music group has been renamed Noah capable of traveling concert 2 continents 5 countries in one day from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore until the last in Indonesia and won MURI and many awards as best band and also award their subscription is Multi Platinum Award for the album titled "As should have been".

In addition to success in the world of music, Ariel also starred in several commercials like Sunsilk, Lux, Vaseline Men, Yamaha, XL, Maxtron, KakaoTalk, Vitamin Water and Sophie Paris. Ariel also starred in the feature films The Dreamer, where Ariel Arai played a character, a young man who never stopped dreaming. Originally beginning as well as movies that tell the history of the band's career from the bottom up Ariel success, and also tells how creativity, vision, motivation, charisma and leadership Ariel Peterpan build up of Noah until now.

Biografi Agnes Monica

Agnes Mo (born in Jakarta, July 1, 1986; age 28) is a singer and artist nationality Indonesia. He began his career in the entertainment industry at the age of six years as a singer. Agnez has released three albums of children who managed to deliver his name to a row of popular singer in the 1990s. In addition to singing, he also became a presenter on several television shows children. When a teenager, Agnez began to plunge into the world of acting. His appearance on the soap opera Early Marriage (2001) successfully catapulted him. Agnez then starred in a series of soap operas which makes it the highest-paid teenage artist at that time.

In 2003, Agnez released her first adult album titled And the Story Goes, who returned to unleash his name in the Indonesian music industry. His success in homeland encourage Agnez set a target to get a career in the international arena. On the second album released in 2005, Whaddup A '..?!, He took an American singer Keith Martin to collaborate. Biodata Agnez Monica also involved in the filming of two Asian drama series, The Hospital and Romance In The White House in Taiwan.

Agnez won the award two years in a row for her performance in the Asia Song Festival in Seoul, South Korea, in 2008 and 2009. On his third album, Sacredly Agnezious (2009), he began to get involved as a producer and songwriter. In 2010, he was appointed as one of the judges on Indonesian Idol talent show. He also became one of the host of the show on the red carpet performances American Music Awards 2010 in Los Angeles, United States.

Along with the boom Agnez to the height of popularity, appearance and style berbusananya become a trend among young people. In addition to commercial success, Agnez is a singer with the most number of awards in Indonesia. He has won dozens of trophies, including ten Anugerah Musik Indonesia, seven Panasonic Awards and four MTV Indonesia Awards. In addition, he has been believed to be anti-drug ambassador in Asia as well as the ambassador of MTV EXIT in combating human trafficking.

Profile Ricky Aaron and Laura Love

Ricky Aaron (born in Bandung, West Java, January 12, 1987, age 28 years) is a sitcom and movie star. Ricky is the eldest son of two brothers couple models and Hendra Rahtomo Donna Aaron, son of politician Rachmawati Sukarnoputri, who makes a great-grandson of President Sukarno's Ricky.

Ricky Harun is the brother of Jeje Sukarno who also played a movie with her mother Donna Aaron in the film "Friends Not Fight". Ricky Alone is the first grandson in the family of Aaron so many family members who care for her childhood role.

Since little Ricky has been familiar with the world of entertainment, knowing her mother is a senior models. Although awalnnya do not want to plunge into the same world, Ricky turns addicted to acting after tasting play in the soap opera Pinocchio and the Blue Fairy (2005). After that some soap opera starring, among others, Sherina with Eva Celia Latjuba, and Heart Guard.

World wide screen was dijajalnya. Film debut was the House Pondok Indah (2006). This horror film starring Arswendy Nasution, Chintami Atmanegara, Titi Qadarsih, Ruhut Sitompul, Asya Shara, and newcomers Amelia, and Biodata Ricky Harun. [2] In 2007, Ricky played again in a horror film, this time directed by Jose Purnomo entitled Ghost Island.

Ricky Harun Also besides as actor as well as a DJ. His passion for the DJ started from the frequent notice that Romy father Sukarno, who often plays music DJ since Ricky small, so that contaminated ngeDJ because of his father's hobby. Ricky Harun started jamming DJ since high school. But after getting married Ricky decided to stop being a DJ on his own.
Personal life

Ricky affair with a sitcom actress and personnel Bukan Bintang Biasa (BBB), Chelsea Olivia. [3] However, their relationship did not last long, Ricky and Chelsea ended their relationship well. [4] Although reportedly close to Eva Celia Latjuba , daughter Sophia Latjuba, but Ricky finally tether her to Sheila Marcia. Their relationship did not last long, finally broke up, then Ricky relationships with Dinda Kanya Dewi. [5] Ricky Harun was also a brief courtship with co-star in the soap opera culprit named Nina Zatulini Screenplay production before the end of the last tether her choice to Herfiza Novianti.

Biografi Cinta Laura

Cinta Laura [tʃinta laura] (born in Quakenbrück, Germany, August 17, 1993, age 21 years) is a young Indonesian actress and singer. Love began to be known in the community when starred in the film Cinderella (Is Only Love Dream?). Love awarded SCTV Awards in the category "Ngetop Actress" in 2007. After the success of getting awards, he was also a major player in both the soap opera Upik Abu and Laura are produced by Sinemart that aired on RCTI. In this case, Love gives something new, which he recorded a song called "You Say Me" which also became patron of both this soundtrack. Biografi Cinta Laura Love also starred in a movie, Oh Baby produced by MD Pictures in 2008. In the film, Love is required to act and dance. Love also increasingly steeped in the world of singing by singing two songs in the soundtrack of this movie, "Oh Baby" and "We Can Do It".

Having tested the ability to learn vocal and had appeared on stage with Ahmad Dhani sings the song "Umbrella" Rihanna in SCTV Awards, Love finally began recording a song together Duo Maia in the song "Love traitors". His first studio album itself is titled Love Laura (self-titled) was released in 2010, the album sold more than 1 million CDs. To promote this album, Cinta Laura issued several singles namely "Love or Money", "Shoot Me", and "Guardian Angel" that positions the top number in a few charts national radio and television. Through this first studio album, Love obtain multi-platinum awards. The song "Love or Money" itself is also a celebrity movie soundtrack Jogja (SKJ) which he also starred in 2010.

Not only put the world of entertainment, after graduating school at the Jakarta International School and get an A, he continued his studies at Columbia University, USA. To be successful careers in the music industry Laura Love, he duet with Guy Sebastian, the Australian singer in the song "Who's That Girl" which was released in 2011. Her second studio album Laura Love Foto Artis Korea itself is Hollywood Dreams was released in 2012, this album contained two single its flagship "tulalit" and "All of My Life". In addition, he also starred in a Hollywood movie called The Philosophers which was released in 2013 and screened at cinemas throughout the world. When vacation from college in America, Love also appeared in several television shows, especially Yuk Keep Smile, Trans.

Profile Michelle Joan and Micah Tambayong

Michelle Joan is one of the emerging artists who again ngetop today she's quite a success in the entertainment world berkiprahnya in Indonesia, especially in the world of soap operas and films her show quality acting in soap operas handsome handsome wolf he is very cool even Liora playing the character in the soap opera that his name began to soar at this time.

He became active in the world of cinema Indonesia began in 2013 arguably brilliant career especially soap operas that are currently starring in her very attractive to all people, especially young people and of course for all the fans really want to know the figure of a Biodata Michelle Joan who becomes the new idol for the lovers of Indonesian entertainment world.

Well here I am going to discuss about the biography michelle joan profile complete with photos and religion might be of benefit to those who are looking for a figure of a michelle joan

Biografi Mikha Tambayong

Micah Tambayong (born in Jakarta, September 15, 1994; age 20) is an actress, model and singer Indonesia.

He is the only child of the couple Michael and Deva Tambayong. Year 2013 ,. Micah pass at Morning Star Academy and continued his studies at the Faculty of Law, University of Pelita Harapan.

Micah began his career through the cover girl selection event in 2008. His debut in the world of soap operas is a "Michael Jackson" which is the main character in the soap opera titled cocoon which premiered began November 17, 2008 production Frame Ritz Productions that aired by SCTV.

Year career in the world of soap operas, he was then given an offer to plunge in the world of music. The first single released by this sweet girl is First Love which is also the soundtrack cocoon. Pupa popularity made a name Micah Tambayong and First Love became popular among the people .. debut single Scores creation and arranged by Randy Pratt makes the dream of becoming a singer Micah materialized.

In May 2010, Micah released his first studio album titled The former boyfriend with the title song on this album is the debut studio ex girlfriend who is also a movie soundtrack in her first television production complex Captain Frame Ritz Productions that aired by SCTV.

After a vacuum for some time after his education Micah debuted along MD and immediately got the lead role as the tone and Love in the soap opera that catapulted him Nada Cinta. After the soap opera tone Love, Micah gets a role as Michael Jackson in production Aishiteru MD and televised MNCTV.

In 2012, Micah starred in his first big screen and acts as Larasati. The film, released early on 20 September 2012 entitled Fallin 'in Love Productions produced by Mizan and Screenplay Productions with its own soundtrack sung by Biodata Mikha Tambayong. In the same year, Micah also starred in the big screen production of the National Council on Climate Change. In addition to acting as Naya in the film which was released on November 2, 2012, Micah also the soundtrack of the film titled humming Earth.

dahlia profile poland and Cut Mayriska

Dahlia-so it is one of the artist and the model of the popular newcomer at this time because in addition he was good at playing the role he also had arguably quite berpengalamn in the entertainment world, especially in the field of the model artist who was born in f; orida Amerikat this union so so admired by any person who witnessed the style of acting is so good.

She began her foray in karienya in 2011 to the present name is already known by the public role in the sitcom Thea this GGS role animating his face is so typical of this indo Caucasians became interested in the bag all people who want to see directly or indirectly in the world of cinema and Indonesian models.

And of course for the loyal fans of Biodata Dahlia Poland eager to know about the personal data and profile photo agamnya completely calm I will cover them in detail and guaranteed satisfaction dech therefore continue to visit this blog so that baseball ketinggalana updated information from Indonesian artist

Biografi Cut Mayriska

Photos and Bios Complete Cut Meyriska, His age is still young, only 20 years, but the lunge and the action in front of the camera while playing a role no longer in doubt. He was known as one of the actresses who could play any role well, started as the role of the protagonist, antagonist, children, adolescents, and so forth. It certainly can not be separated from its role art capabilities so stunning.

Who is this actress? Yes, this is the Queen Cut Meyriska or commonly called Cut Meyriska or Chika. Because of its name, the young actress is often in thought birth Aceh, when in fact Cut Meyriska actually born in Medan, Sumatra on 26 May 1993. Cut Meyriska began his career when he had just turned 11 years old. A very young age, when it Biodata Cut Meyriska participating role in the soap opera that aired in 2005. Holy that time, his acting skills as Nadia caught the attention of fans of the television series. And predictably, since 2005 the name Cut Meyriska increasingly in demand in the world of entertainment.

Starting from FTV, television series, soap operas, commercials ever acted up this beautiful actress. When age was categorized as a child actress, Cut Meyriska was already feeling a role in the soap opera series like Love Maia (as Luna), grandson-law (as Dina), and Love Flower (as Arini).

Growing age, making the portion of the character played by Cut Meyriska is greatly increased. The girl with a sweet smile began to appear more and more often to the role of the figure of the character as a teenager to an adult woman. Some titles soap opera actress who ever acted this Meda birth among Gods (as Riska), Grace (soap opera) (as Riska), I'll meet you at the Sunday market (as Gia), Magic (soap opera) (as image), Blessings (as Widya ), and the last soap opera Kick From the Sky The Series (as Sofie).

Profile Chelsea Icelandic and Vebby Palwinta

Chelsea Islan (born in Washington, DC, June 2, 1995, age 19 years) is an Indonesian actress. He first played in major films like Refrain. In addition to having the base in the world of theater, the role is not much different from his personal life.

Lifestyle shown by Annalise figures similar to those performed in daily life. Including how to dress, to indulgence in the world of photography.

Early career until now

Chelsea began her career in the entertainment world country through the world of modeling. At that time his first appearance as a model of a video clip of one of the famous band Noah homeland.

After becoming a video clip of the band led by Ariel, Uki, Lukman, Reza and David also entitled No Longer the Same, the name Chelsea began crowded discussed by society homeland.

The name of the band formerly known as Peter is apparently a very positive impact for his career in the entertainment world, even more beautiful and cute face that he had also been the subject of conversation from some quarters in the country.

In fact, his performance as the model of the video clip has been able to attract the attention of a talent scout who immediately offered him to join the casting in one production house.

Chelsea itself which already has its basis in the acting world through theater, did not trouble to show the acting talent he has, which makes him even got a supporting role in the film Refrain.

Although in the film Biodata Chelsea island just got a role as a supporting actor, but his role as Annalise, was capable of absorbing the entire community of the country, which makes him even got the attention of several production houses in the country.

Until now he has played in several films, commercials, and also acts as a star in a television series entitled Neighbors Gitu period.

Biografi Vebby Palwinta

Vebby aktri talented Palwinta is young and beautiful. His career in the entertainment world began with iku a finalist in 2010 at Indosiar Mamamia. Later in that same artist born in Jakarta play in sinetrin Arti Sahabat successful enough in the eyes of the fans of the soap opera. In the first soap opera Vebby Palwita role as Karina. And now this talented young artist has starred in the film Man Tiger which recently aired on MNCTV with berperab as image.

Well here is there Biography of Biodata Vebby Palwinta ranging from religion to account teklah instagram which we summarized from various sources.

Profile Lee Seung Gi and Park Shin-hye

Lee Seung Gi is a singer, actor and host of South Korean origin. This multi-talented guy started his career in 2004, lee seung gi debut song titled "Because You're My Girl". Then followed with several songs that won many awards.

Lee seung gi then penetrated the world of acting. He is currently starring in the increasingly popular Brilliant Legacy (2009) and My Girl Friend is a Gumiho (2010), which is a tremendous leap Lee's career as a newcomer to the stage drama. This year activities in addition to the host, this cool guy starred in a Korean drama 더킹 투 하츠 The King 2 Hearts. In this korean drama Biodata Lee Seung Gi Lee Jae Ha role becomes. (I still have not know because not ditayangin in Indonesia. * hopefully be ditayangin *) smile

Biografi Park Shin hye

Park Shin-hye (born in Gwangju, South Korea, February 18, 1990; age 25) is an actress and model from South Korea. [1]

-- February 27, 2015 05:04 (UTC) - February 27, 2015 05:04 (UTC) == Personal life == Park Shin Hye was born on 18 Feburary 1990 in Gwangju, South Korea. He was the second child of two brothers, his family consisting of father, mother, brother and younger sister. When Shin Hye sits in 6th grade Hakkang Elementary School, she was advised to audition for the music in the company of "Dream Factory" by his English teacher in a les corresponding private. So, Shin Hye goes to Seoul and auditioned company owned Lee Seung Hwan music called "Dream Factory". Through its relationship with the Dream Factory, Park Shin-Hye start training as an actress, singer and keyboard player and guitar.

In 2003, Park Shin Hye debuted as the lead character in the music video belongs to Lee Seung Hwan, entitled "Ggot" (Flower). In the same year, he won an audition for a role in the drama series "Stairway To Heaven". In this drama, Shin Hye plays Han Jung Seo adolescents. This drama is very successful in the market and get a rating of 40%.

Name Shin Hye started in the community know when she played the female lead role in the drama "You're Beautiful" in 2009. The reason the director chose, because Shin Hye and Jang Geun Suk -lawan mainnya- considered to have a fun and equally has a talent for singing and dancing. The drama is popular all over the world and the songs sung in the drama proficiency level, makes it even more lovable.

In 2010, Shin Hye had a role in the romantic comedy entitled "Cyrano Agency" as an actor Choi Min Yeong alongside Daniel. This film tells the story of a dating agency that helps the customers to win the hearts of the people they want. In Korean, this film is a film grossing 8th this year. In the same year, Shin Hye had a role in the Taiwanese drama series entitled "Hayate the Combat Butler" as Xiao Zhi.

In 2011, Biodata Park Shin Shin Hye reunited with Jung Yong Hwa who also played in the drama You're Beautiful in their latest drama is "Heartstring" which aired on June 29th. There, Shin Hye will play Lee Gyu Won who is a student at the department of traditional music.

In 2012, Shin Hye had a role in the KBS drama specials 3rd season, entitled Do not Worry I'm A Ghost which aired on July 15. She had a role as a ghost named Kim Yeon Hwa who was killed by robbers. Hwa Yeon Ki Moon haunt involved in a car accident and suffered memory loss.

On October 31, 2012, Shin Hye announced that he will star in the third installment of the series 'flower boy' TVN called "Flower Boy Next Door", along with actor Yoon Shi Yoon. This drama series will be aired from February 7 to 25, 2013. In 2013 also, Shin Hye starred in the movie "Miracle in Cell No. 7" along with veteran actors such as Ryu Seung Korean-ryong, Oh Dal-su, and Jung Jin-young . On March 15, 2013, exactly 52 days after the movie's release, ticket sales reached 12.32 million, so the film is a film as the third highest grossing film of all time Korea.

On 9 October 2013, he also played in the Korean drama entitled "The Inheritos" or "The Heirs". In the play, he served as Cha Eun Sang. In the drama, Shin Hye paired with Lee Min Ho who plays Kim Tan. The drama aired last date is the date of December 12, 2013.

Profile Kim Soo Hyun and Lee Jong Suk

Kim Soo Hyun was born in Seoul, South Korea, on February 16, 1988. He worked as an actor. Together with Lee Min-ho, it includes the artist's most famous and handsome artist in the Country. His name is not foreign to the ear because it has a lot of fans everywhere.

Before becoming famous artists like today, Kim Soo Hyun life with simplicity and difficulty, even while still attending school, he worked part-time for the necessities of life. Kim also as a child is a child who rarely socialize because she was shy and reserved.

Artist who has a height of 180cm is a graduate of the Central University Department of Theater and Movies. Since graduating from college, Kim Soo Hyun has turned into a figure of a man whose cheerful, outgoing and showed his star aura. Proven in 2007 he played in his first comedy drama entitled 'Kimci Cheese Smile'.

Thanks to the incredible acting he played a lot of films to date. Famous film is in play and make him become famous everywhere are 'Dream Hight' and 'My Love from the Star'. Biodata Kim Soo Hyun also get a lot of awards results of his labors became an artist.

This Berikiut Recent Synopsis profile and biography will share one of the artists who came from south korea who was born on 14 September 1989, Lee Jong Suk. Learn more about Lee Jong Suk please see below
Profile and Biodata Lee Jong Suk
Lee Jong Suk's early career began as a teenager. Where, then Lee Jong Suk became one of the winners of the election of the actor "7th SBS Open" organized by TV station SBS. This victory paved the way for Lee Jong Suk in the Korean entertainment scene.

Lee Jong Suk before plunging into Korean Drama he first tested the ability through a short film titled "Sympathy" in 2005. Biodata Lee Jong Suk setela it took first role in a Drama Series titled "Prosecutor Princess" in 2010, in a Drama series Lee Jong Suk the role as Lee Woo Hyun.

Lee Jong Suk's career as a Korean actor finally membuakan results as well, while Jong Suk was awarded "Best New Actor" at the KBS Drama Awards event. This award get it when starred in the Korean drama School 2013, in the Lee Jong Suk plays a role as a high school student.

Profile Raffi Ahmad and Shireen Sungkar

The eldest of three brothers pair Munawar Ahmad (late) and Amy Qanita began his career as an actor. Until now, Raffi has been involved in a number of soap operas, FTV and feature films. In addition to being an actor, Raffi develop career into commercials, presenter and singer.

Starting from a supporting role in his first soap opera, Appoints One star, new Raffi skyrocketed in humming Puberty at the time as the main character along with Justin Bieber. After that, Biodata Raffi Ahmad, Raffi constantly appearing in soap operas and FTV teenagers and even feature films, one film titled Love Is Love. Raffi slick acting in the film which also starred Septriasa and Irwansyah Acha is getting praise from film critics.

In late 2006, the musician Joey Ayala hold casting for vocal group Bukan Bintang Biasa, which is better known as the BBB. This project is devoted to Indonesian teen sitcom actress. Of the many pesinetron the audition, finally elected Raffi along with Laudya Cynthia Bella, Chelsea Olivia Wijaya, Dimas Beck and Melly. Their first single, Let's Dance Together well received in the market. BBB later starred in a movie called Bukan Bintang Biasa The Movie, directed by Lasja Fauzia. BBB back with a new single titled Bukan Bintang Biasa very popular with teenagers. Raffi duet with the song Never Say Ayushita not be used as the next single.

Biografi Shiren Sungkar

Shireen Sungkar began her career as a cover girl semifinalists 2006. Liking acting since childhood, Shireen find luck when delivering his aunt casting in SinemArt. Unexpectedly he also considered. First soap opera was a supporting role in the sitcom Not Myself with Baim Wong and Ririn Dwi Ariyanti. His name became known since starred in the film along Dhini Aminarti Wulan. Another soap opera that has also been supported, among others, The Little Mermaid and Women Persecuted.

Regardless of SinemArt, Shireen moved to MD and immediately got the lead role as Fitri in "Cinta Fitri 1 & 2" which catapulted him.

Not just acting, Biodata Shireen Sungkar also have talents in singing field. Together with his brother, Zaskia Sungkar, she formed a vocal duo group The Sisters. Debut album sisters were given the title "The Journey of Love" was released on July 25, 2008.

Flying Cars No Longer Dream

Flying car may be a dream for most vehicle drivers in various urban areas that have always plagued by congestion. So far, flying cars usually only become trimmer in a fictional film that inflates the many human chimera.

But now, a sophisticated vehicle that turned out to be present in real life. Yes, the car two worlds that can be bolted on the highway and crossed freely in the air.

The shocking news recently heralded Aeromobil, automotive companies Slovakia. They claimed to have successfully developed the most revolutionary means of transportation on earth. Mobil Terbang After doing some testing, today expressed its readiness to launch Aeromobil flying car named Flying Roadster 3.0 aka Aeromobil.

According to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Aeromobil, Juraj Vaculik, as reported by autoevolution, the flying car will be produced in limited. The launch was to take place in 2017.

"I think people will look for means of transport is due to be very efficient for their mobility," said Vaculik.

He also said, the actual flying car concept has been initiated since 1990 to 1994 ago. The development of the concept reportedly spend up to 15 years ie 1995 to 2010, to be published the first prototype in 2013 and the name AeroMobil 2.5.

At the time of making the first model, the look of this car looks very strange and had a lot of problems when used on the pavement. But now, the car is already present qualified and ready to respond to the needs of modern society.

Flying Roadster is said to only be able to carry two passengers. This car has a length of six meters, a width of 2.24 meters (wings folded), a wingspan of 8.32 meters (when stretched) and an empty weight of 600 pounds.

Characteristics of Materials Agate The Good And How To Choose

Material superior agate gemstones produce good anyway. Therefore, before making or forming penjadi stone jewelry, you should note the raw material or chunks (rough) agate to be formed so that it can produce jewelry as you wish.

Agate good-quality materials will produce a nice jewelry as well and it applies to all types of agate / jewel therefore Batu Akik Garut choose the quality of the good quality stone such as choosing a chunk or rock material Bacan, jade, agate Kalimaya or other types commonly found on the market .
agate agate slab material
Materials Agate

So how to choose and how the characteristics of the material good agate? Such questions are often ejected from the beginner hobbyist, if you have long known precious stones certainly choose the material is not difficult and can easily tell which materials are good and the bad so that it can determine the exact pillihan

Error selecting materials would be detrimental, especially when bought in large quantities with the intention of reselling it in the form of jewelry. To minimize the error here is how you choose a material or a good chunk of agate

- Type of stone
Know in advance the character and type of agate are trying to buy. For example, material or chunks (rough) jade, Batu Bacan Palamea everyone knows that the general jade green. But not all green jade stone because there is another type of stone that is also green but not jade. But if you are you are familiar stone well then be able to easily tell which jade and who is not.

- Violence Stone
Note also the hardness of stone to be selected. Because different types of agate have different levels of hardness. Usually the level of violence or agate gemstone to be one measure of the quality of the stone itself

- Flashlight
Use of a flashlight to examine or determine the crystal stone, What is opaque or not. That way it will be easy to know the natural stone fiber in them so they can know the quality of the stone

- Certificate
Certificates required to prove the authenticity of the stone which is usually issued by a gemological laboratory. Batu akik Kecubung Wulung Today many stones that have been certified for quality to provide evidence and confidence for consumers.

Before deciding to buy, especially if you do not know much about the precious stones should check the certificate to the seller. Usually the rocks are accompanied by a certificate is included in the types of precious stones.

Choosing quality agate slab is tricky, especially when we do not know much about the precious stones. If you are a beginner you can ask questions directly to the seller. Usually they will talk about what it is they are selling stones to give satisfaction to the customer.

The characteristics of a good agate material depends on the type of the stone itself. The most important thing is to first identify the type of rock that you buy to make sure no one judge according to the characteristics of stone so as to choose the proper agate

Five Tallest Building in the World Completed in 2015

Has the tallest building in the world is a dream of every city in the world.

Besides being a landmark, the tallest building will improve the city's image in the eyes of the world.

China, the United Arab Emirates, United States, and Saudi Arabia is a country that is eager to add four skyscrapers of this year.

Quoted from page Dezeen, following the five tallest buildings in the world are expected to be completed in 2015:

Shanghai Tower
With a height of 632 meters, this building will be the second tallest building in the world after the Burj Khalifa, Dubai (828 meters). Shanghai Tower will offer the observation deck on the 124th floor when it was unveiled this year.

Marina 101
Marina 101 tower is the second tallest building in Dubai, with a height of 426.5 meters. The bottom of the 101-story tower will be the first Hard Rock Hotel in the Middle East, while at the top will be a 420-room apartments and a restaurant with views of the city.

432 Park Avenue
425 meter tall building in New York is done by Rafael Viñoly, the architect who designed the building Walkie Talkie melting a car. Staying become the world's tallest residential building, Gedung Tertinggi di Dunia 432 Park Avenue offers 104 luxury residences with amenities such as private pools, libraries, and theaters.

Capital Market Authority
With a height of 385 meters, this office building will be the highest in the capital of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh. Has 76 floors, CMA tower will be the highest among the five buildings on the plaza of the King Abdullah Financial District. Designed with a form of fins and perforated panels, this building is protected from the desert sun.

Eton Place Dalian Tower 1
Two years after the target completion, the tallest tower end of the five-tower mixed-use project in Eton Place Dalian, China will be opened this year. Building 381-meter high skyscraper will contain office space, two hotels, and an observation deck.

Agate Fire Opal (Barjad Fire) Winton

Agate Fire Opal or also called the Stone of Fire origin Barjad Winton, it was popular in the past few months, so it often becomes hunted many collectors and lovers of stone ring in the ground water. Batu Permata The beauty of this stone is supposedly able to beat the beauty of a kind stone from Mexico and Tanzania.

The price was increasingly soared along with its popularity continues to climb, ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars. Even the popularity of the stone is already on par with other famous stones such as black opal stone Kalimaya, Bacan stone, jade and others.

It just may not be as famous as rock Bacan known first by the community as superior quality stone native to Indonesia. However, these stones remain in the ranks of quality stone that much sought after by collectors.

During this fire opal stone is identical to the stone from Mexico and Tanzania the country even once claimed to be the only country that produces stone fire opal in the world. Although later revealed that the fire opal stone was also found in Indonesia (Central Java) and even the quality is far better than the origin of fire opal Mexico.

Place And The Origins of Stone Fire Opal
Most hobbyists know that the stones of fire opal comes from pacitan East Java. When in fact it is a rock stone native to Central Java Wonogiri. It's just a coincidence that rock though many worked by craftsmen from pacitan area so that the stone was assessed as stones pacitan.

The origin of this stone is known as rock Pacitan because people who found the stone craftsmen to sell from Pacitan. So when the artisans will sell it back to the user in the form of stone ring or jewelry, they are introduced as Pacitan stone, so many people believe that the stone comes from Pacitan.

Stone fire opal is the original stone Winton and many are found on district Tirtomoyo precisely in the area or the hills and the subdistrict manggal and Kismantoro Central Java.

In general, the stones are found in mountain areas such as Mount Muser District of Kismantoro mainly indigenous mountain soil structure that is still in good condition, no damage (erosion) or still in formation intact.

The material is on fire opal stone was composed of silica and H2O with rock hardness levels between 5.2 s / d 5.7 Mohs scale or still under Bacan stone that has a hardness of 6-7 mohs scale.

The miners are finding this rock-climbing ditebing that are difficult to reach. Therefore, during the rainy season of fire opal stone prices more expensive due to limited stocks in the market because no stone seekers allows to perform a search opal material with natural conditions slippery and steep.

Characteristic Stone Fire Opal
All types of agate has its own characteristics that can be distinguished from the other types of stone, Batu Akik Darah although generally agate seem to have in common pattern, but for those who already know about the ins and outs of agate would be able to easily distinguish one another

It also applies to kjenis agate fire opal. This stone also has its own characteristics as well as a uniqueness that have become an attraction for fans of agate.

The uniqueness and characteristics of fire opal stones including its ability to reflect light or refraction of light inside the stone that resembles a flame so that the stone is also known as the fire (fire) or barjad fire which is currently quite popular among lovers of gemstones. This stone also has some other color variants of yellow tea, white, blue, green grass jelly, and a bright red or the color of the most expensive.

Efficacy Stone Barjad Fire (Fire Opal)
Agate Most fans do not believe in the efficacy of a gemstone or agate, but some others, Batu Akik Zamrud some believe that agate or rock crystal has a property that occurs naturally in a long while unprocessed form crystals in the bowels of the earth.

It was, he says applies to all types of agate including fire opal stone. According to those who believe, that the stones of fire barjad can bring calmness and tranquility to the wearer. Tranquility they can get out of a sense of confidence after wearing stone they like or could be due to a sense of satisfaction he felt after enjoying the beauty of the stones of fire opal or fire barjad owned.

Stone Ring Genuine Phosphorus Beautiful And Unique

Phosphorus stone is a type of rock that contains phosphorus so that it can issue the rocks glow in the dark and includes a type of rock that is often searched a lot of people, Batu Akik Garut especially collectors and enthusiasts stone ring because of its beauty, especially those who like unique things and interesting.

Fofor stones are usually used as accessories such as stone rings, prayer beads or other types of accessories and jewelry that is quite interesting that many hobbyists who like stone rings especially find this stone.

The uniqueness of phosphorus stone lies in its ability to absorb light from the outside, either sunlight or flashlight, and then reflect it if the stone is dark place. Besides used as various accessories or adornments are beautiful and attractive, stone phosphorus is also favored by many people who like adventure at night as street lights, both mountaineers or those who can roam the wilderness.
stone-ring-fosforTingkat rock hardness is 5-6 on the mohs scale or could be quite soft and brittle so it will easily break if squeezed hard object or have the same hardness with turquoise stones.

How to Take Care of phosphorus rock to remain on.
All types of rocks are made as stone ring stones require treatment in order to keep the shiny suit and durable, as well as phosphorus requires a nurse, how:

    Stone phosphorus should not be submerged in water because as it would weaken the mineral elements in the rock that can not menyera light
    Rock hardness level low Batu Lavender phosphorus arouses stone easily scratched and broken, you should keep the stone in a safe place when not worn so as not to rupture
    So that the stone remains always looks beautiful and shiny can be applied to eucalyptus oil or baby oil.

Efficacy of phosphorus rock believed them, as jewelry to beautify and enhance the appearance da others.

Price stone ring phosphorus can be said cheap compared to other popular types of agate, phosphorus can be obtained at a price of 100-150 rb to the size of a standard ring stone. Phosphorus stone color can vary like the color green, yellow, red and blue.

Stone Ring Agate Most Expensive And Popular

Stone rings best and most popular or well-known, both in Indonesia and abroad 2015 - Ring is a well-known jewelry and subject to a lot of people for thousands of years for both women and men. The ring is placed on the hands and fingers and circular on the ring finger or middle finger. Lately agate stone ring / gems have become hunted many people

In the tradition of the ring is usually made of precious metals, silver or a mixture of other materials such as copper, Batu Akik Madu bronze, brass chrome and others. To beautify the look of a ring fitted with carved and decorated with gems like diamonds, diamonds or agate.

If during this, gemstone rings are widely used among people who've grown up but later rings already widely used among young people and teenagers and even today the ring with agate has become a trend and lifestyle, so the price is more expensive stone ring because more and more enthusiasts from various circles. The following types of stone agate ring popular and most expensive in Indonesia:

1. Stone Bacan

1 stone-bacanBatu Bacan is a kind of precious stones / agate from Indonesia and is found in the South Halmahera, North Maluku precisely in Bacan island. Bacan rock types most popular and widely sought after types of rocks and stones Bacan Bacan doko palamea.

Both of these rock types menag becoming a target, both for hobbyists and collectors. Differences stone Bacan doko and palamea lies in color. Doko has a dark green color while palamea kind of bluish green. Batu Akik Bacan Price Bacan stone itself from hundreds of thousands of tens of millions of dollars.

2. Stone Sapphire ring

1 batusafirSafir is a gemstone that demand a lot of people both in Indonesia and in various countries. But the price is expensive not everyone is able to have the kind of beautiful natural stone. Sapphire including mineral known as corundum and is generally used as a beautiful jewel ring or for other types of jewelry.

This gemstone has a lot of variety of colors such as blue, orange, yellow, pink, greenish and purple. Efficacy of sapphire is believed to calm the mind and radiates a positive aura to develop the power of thought to the wearer

3. Stone Ring Emerald

zamrudJenis gem stone has a clear green color to dark green and has been known to many people since thousands of years as a beautiful gem with an expensive price. The emerald has a hardness of 7.5 on the mohs scale and this gem is regarded as a symbol of prosperity and peace.

4. Stone Ring Ruby

Stone Ruby often called ruby ​​including one of the many gemstones are most preferred in the world, including in Indonesia. Prices vary depending on the level of this stone uniqueness and quality. Ruby stone believed to be a symbol of strength and courage

5. Topaz

blue topaz, topaz stones have many colors such as yellow, blue and reddish orange. The rock types are found in many countries such as Sri Lanka, Russia, Brazil, Mexico and many more countries are much diguakan stone as this jewelry.

Like precious stones in general, topaz is believed to contain the natural energy that is beneficial to both the wearer related to health and spiritual jazmani as relieving depression, maximizing the workings of the brain and are believed to bring peace.

6. Stone Opal (Kalimaya)

kalimayaOpal rock or stone is a kind of precious stones Kalimaya most requested either by hobbyists and collectors. The beauty of this stone is not in doubt, even those new to precious stones even be attracted by the charm of stone that is capable of issuing the various colors.

Opals in Indonesia known as Kalimaya and are found in the region of Banten. Price Kalimaya stone itself varies depending on the quality like agate in general. Price opal / Kalimaya costliest About a 2,500 dollar / rust.

7. Stone River Dareh

1 river-darehBatu river agate stone dareh including one of the popular and most expensive ring current. Stone from South Sumatera it is now the target of hobbyists and collectors. Popularity stone began to climb since the President and Barak Obama (US President) in the suspect wore the stone on their fingers.

Price dareh river rock quality is of course very expensive indeed, but for the quality being sold in the local market price is quite affordable, ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars.

8. Jade

Indonesian giokDi jade stone has been known for a long time, but the popularity of this stone has never faded, especially amid increasing this belakanhgan akaik hobbyist stone, thus making the more expensive the price of jade.

Jade beauty with typical green color much used as jewelry, such as eye rings, necklaces, pendants and others. But some people still believe that the stone has been known for thousands of years BC in China is believed to bring good luck, peace and peace for its owner. Read: Efficacy Jade

9. The Amethyst (Amethyst)

kecubungBatu amethyst agate is one of the many agate which is also the target of many hobbyists. Distinctive purple color contained on this stone made of stone which is called the Amethyst on the market intenternasional it looks stunning.

Not only can be used as jewelry amethyst stones are also believed to be good luck

10. Stone Lavender

lavender stone baturajaDalam a national contest ever held some time ago, lavender stone type spritus Balfour in the category of best rock and managed to win the contest, so that these stones be hunted many collectors.

Prices stone lavender successfully won the contest offered Rp. 175 million, but the owners do not take it off. Since then rock found in many regions and Segara Simpang Flower Batu Akik Solar District of southern Sumatra Lengkiti Oku it became the target of many collectors and entered the ranks of the most popular rock both in Indonesia and in the international market.

In addition to the stone which has been mentioned, in fact there are many famous and most expensive stone ring another type that is currently popular in Indonesia, including Aceh jade or better known as the Stone Moss Aceh, stone obi, labrador or any other kind.

Recipes How to Make a Simple Delicious Fried Rice

Recipe how to make fried rice was tasty yet simple easily made. Most people are able to make it, even when I was in school I used to make it, because the parent is busy so if you want to eat so make your own, Resep Nasi Goreng Jawa and a simple fried rice be my choice because cepet him too, it feels too good. Coupled with eggs or fried tempeh I usually add the simple fried rice. I fried fried eggs are not, because I do not really like each omelet, but my omelet and fried my sometimes random order destroyed then thoroughly mixed with fried rice.

Recipe how to make delicious fried rice but with the addition of special ingredients lot of variations. And this went on the types of fried rice in a previous article. There Yangzhou fried rice or known as Yangchow, another name of special fried rice: a fried rice served with grilled meat and shrimp, sometimes also just added egg. Although the name "Yangzhou", Resep Bumbu Nasi Goreng but in fact it is not from the local cuisine, Yangzhou. Yuanyang fried rice, which nasgor presented with two types of sauce. The sauce is white and black color, It is fried rice which is the inspiration of the symbol of yin and yang.

Then there is also the Arab fried rice Seed, Seed is the Arabic term that means having a lot of black cumin The action in the health field. For this reason Seed fried rice mixed with lots of cumin and other herbal ingredients, and coupled goat meat. Although its name is derived from the Arabic, but nasgor Seed is an original creation Indonesian people themselves. Resep Puding Busa The latter is a Japanese fried rice Ashitaba. Ashitaba is a herbal vegetables are good for health and is very famous in Japan. And fried rice is also not from Japan but the handiwork of indigenous Indonesian. Well, yes very creative society of Indonesia. Sometimes coupled with a mixture of scrambled eggs, pickled pineapple, chips belinjo, and bacon. It kinds of special fried rice, if the simple way as below.

Ingredients to make delicious fried rice but simple:
Recipes How to Make Delicious Fried Rice

     cooking oil as much as six tablespoons (6 tablespoons)
     soy sauce for coloring and flavoring dishes three tablespoons (3 tablespoons)
     white rice (500 grams), if you can use a fluffier rice
     two tablespoons of tomato sauce (2 tablespoons)
     1 whole chicken eggs

Blend the ingredients below:

     shrimp fish / half teaspoon shrimp paste
     three fresh red chilli
     three cloves of garlic
     onion six cloves
     salt to taste

To complement fried rice, add these ingredients:

     cucumber pieces
     slice of tomato
     omelet or fried eggs

Step manufacture:

     Fried chicken eggs by means of an encrypted or scrambled diorak until done and drain.
     Tumislah spice that has been mashed up and add the savory smell of white rice and stir until evenly distributed.
     Add the soy sauce, egg, and tomato sauce mix again.
     Serve while still warm fried rice.

Recipe how to make delicious fried rice can also be served with prawn crackers addition, small round crackers that taste like shrimp. If it is so it would be nice, I own so drool ni because of post fried rice. Oh yes, Berita Terbaru try the fried rice when cooking oil is not mostly because it might get high cholesterol. So first sharing this time, may be useful.

Recipes How To Make The Most Delicious Opor Chicken

Chicken Opor the culinary offerings of the cuisine is typical of Indonesia. Chicken curry is a dish made of chicken dishes dibalur with bumbukuning that make this dish taste a wide range of spices very distinctive and tasteful. Resep Opor Ayam Chicken curry has many fans from all over the region and from semuya among both children up to the parents who love the texture Opor famous chicken tender.

Chicken curry is perfect when served when there is a family event. In making this chicken Opor not difficult as you bayanghkan because we serving Opor This chicken recipe with the order and the steps that are easy to understand, Resep Kue Bawang as well as material from Opor Chicken is easy to obtain in the traditional market. Below please read about the steps and How to Make Chicken Opor as follows:

Ingredients Chicken Opor:

     1 kg or 1 whole chicken
     cooking oil to taste
     2 bay leaves
     1 stalk lemongrass, in crushed
     1 cm galangal. crushed
     4 cm cinnamon
     750 cc coconut milk from a coconut

Opor Chicken Seasoning:

     10 red onions
     4 cloves of garlic
     1 tablespoon coriander
     10 grains of cumin
     1/2 teaspoon pepper round
     2 cm ginger
     2 cm turmeric
     salt to taste

How to Make Delicious Chicken Opor

     Chicken cleaned thoroughly, then cut into 10 sections. Then fried in hot oil until lightly yellowish. Remove and drain.
     Blend all ingredients until smooth. Furthermore, heat 3 tablespoons of oil. and stir-fry the spice paste. enter the bay leaves. lemongrass, ginger and cinnamon.
     After exiting the aroma. enter coupled with chicken coconut milk. Continue cooking until boiling coconut milk and chicken is tender.
     Once cooked. lift off the stove and ready to be served along with rice cake or diamond

Thus the discussion about Prescription How To Make The Most Delicious Chicken Opor typical Resep Bolu Coklat that if it can help you in serving a very nutritious and tasty without the need for special skills such as how to make it even easier and hopefully can help you as well. Do not miss the discussion of other articles about How to Make Roast Chicken Recipe Spicy Oven

List Price HP Advan Android February 2015

Information will review hariangadget this time around Advan Android Mobile Price List Latest in this month. Advan itself is one of the local product that recently caught my attention, as one observer technology and myself of course you will not miss the latest mobile information circulating in Indonesia. One is of course the latest mobile phone from Advan Vandroid.

Advan is a domestic manufacturer of highly qualified. Certainly not a new thing for you to hear the name Advan. Harga Tablet Advan Murah Advan just concentrate issued its original Android tablet, but wetlands Android phone market in Indonesia, was more favorable for Advan, so lately they are trying to compete in the Android mobile phone market in Indonesia.

Capitalize names that are well known in the tablet industry, Advan back gives gebragan in presenting classy Android phone at a cheap price, ranging from the price of HP Advan below 1 million dollars to mobile phones with high specifications are priced 3 Jutaa.

Solely their mobile phone production, in particular addressed to the people of Indonesia. Advan itself does not include companies that go International Mobile, merely in Indonesia they market their products. Although only marketed in the country, but for the sales figures is quite satisfactory because they are ranked second after Evercoss as local best-selling Android phone in Indonesia.

Now there are only 6 types of mobile phones sold in Indonesia Advan. However, over the course of time bertambanya Advan will not stay silent, and certainly they will launch a new smartphone ready to tempt you to buy it.

As you can see above, price HP Advan is quite low, although cheap of Mobile Advan still have a fairly good specs. Harga Laptop Toshiba So it is natural for the confusion you choose a classy phone with cheap price, Advan could be the No. 1 choice for you.

Meanwhile, for those of you who are more interested in buying Mobile Oppo, and want to know berepa Price HP Oppo in this month, you may have looked at the following information:

Oppo Mobile could be a second choice after Advan. But for those of you who have a minimal budget, I suggest you still buy phones Advan, because the price is the cheapest HP Advan this year, Harga Laptop Samsung compared to other local producers I still would choose Android phones from Advan because I've proved myself how kuliatasnya.

Thus information Price HP Advan Android on information hariangadget this time, hopefully we review the above information can be a reference for you all, and do not forget we extend our thanks to those of you who have been listening to the information from us.

Photographs gemstone types of quality and usefulness

bibs for the types of gemstones (gemstone) or assorted gemstones or precious stones based on the class and the level of violence and the efficacy or benefits are supporting article for the articles in the category of gemstones, Batu Permata Ruby to provide insight to the fans gem or stone glorious, especially the beginner hobbyist.

Actual gemstone is a mineral or rock that is formed from the result of geological processes that elements consist of one or several chemical components that have a high selling price, and demand by collectors. Prior made perhioasan, gemstone to be polished in advance.

Not all places in the world containing gemstones. In Indonesia, only a few places that contain gemstones, among others, Batu Mata Kucing/ Cat Eye in the province of Banten with Kalimayanya (opal), in Lampung with rock types and kinds of charming wine chrysolite, on the island of Borneo with Kecubungnya (amethys) and diamonds (diamonds).

Gemstone with names ranging from letters a through z are classified according to the known hardness Mohs Scale of 1 to 10. Jewel of the most popular in the world is the crystalline ones (besides the type of precious stones such as diamonds, Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire), agate stones wine types such as Blue sky, bungur or amethyst from Tanjung Bintang, Lampung, is now much sought after by collectors because of its crystalline quality.

Among gemstones or precious stones that are very popular is the agate.

Agate said, according to the Dictionary of Geological Terms compiled MM Poerbohadiwidjojo, derived from the word agate or agat which means it is a kind of mineral silica (SiO2) - commonly known as amorphous quartz or kriptokristalin- colored and layered. Batu Akik Asli atau palsu That is a matter of agate. (Check also: 20 photos krital agate agate example: Inexpensive but charming)

Agate single color can be too much color. Its position can be regular or irregular.
Agate (Stone Agaat)

Agate (Stone Agaat)

Regarding the benefits or efficacy agate, this raises the pros and cons. For Si Momot own, agate clearly beneficial to beautify the ring if the ring and beautify made eye necklace when used as a pendant and so on. Beyond the benefits in the beauty, Si Momot just leave it up to the reader.

As a cultural fact, many people who believe in the benefits or efficacy agate, based on his name such as:

Moss Agate: to improve relations with the surrounding nature. Green moss helps to eliminate toxins in the blood and balance the emotional energy. Red moss helps purify the blood and increase physical stamina.

Agate Tree: Helping in introspection with greater clarity, see the world through a wider viewing angle and reduce fever and toxicity.

Agate Line / Ribbons: Assist in attracting strength, overcome not have enough strength or courage

Lace Agate / Interwoven: Overcoming despair and depression, causing excitement and relaxation of muscle tension and spasms. Blue lace agate helps balance body fluids and give peace of emotion.

Agate resembling bird feathers: Strengthens blood vessels and overcoming fear for no apparent reason. Useful to reduce fear in the hunt or find directions.

Agate spots: Extra protection against traveler / nomad, one of the adventurers stones

Agate Eyes: Protect from damage to the body and eliminate negative thoughts

Dendritic Agate: Balancing blood sugar levels. Is a cornerstone of the adventurers to provide security and strength

Agate India: Providing physical strength, overcome feelings of insecurity / not prosper and eliminate physical and emotional weakness.

Botswana Agate: Overcoming the uncertainty of direction and personal goals

Next, check the photos and the types or kinds of precious stones (precious stones), the level of violence and the benefits below:


The origin of agate and usefulness

Precious stones is an elite member of the natural minerals. Called elite because of the approximately 3,000 types of minerals on Earth, there are only 150-200 which can be classified types of precious stones.

Indyo Pratomo, a geologist from the Geological Museum of Bandung, said that, as well as other natural minerals, Batu Yellow Safir precious stones formation occurs through geological processes as well as other rocks, for example through the magma differentiation, metamorphosis, or sedimentation.

First it was the activity of magma in the Earth. Molten rock temperatures above 1,000 degrees Celsius is constantly engaged in the sheath or mantle. Outside of this coat is a layer of the Earth's crust, which is composed of plates that continue to collide and leaves many cracks. Strong pressure from within tends to push magma to find a way out to the surface.

When the superheated liquid and high pressure starts to rise, the liquid will dissolve a wide range of other existing rock. There was a dissolution process or hydrothermal alteration.

Diamond is a rock formed in the outer layer of the Earth's mantle, at a depth of up to 161 kilometers. At this depth, the pressure reaches 4 gpa and temperatures up to more than 1,350 degrees Celsius. Pressure unusually strong and unusually hot temperatures then convert inorganic carbon mineral in the Earth's crust (different from the organic carbon to form coal) that is passed hydrothermal becomes crystal diamond.

Most diamonds that we find today is the result of the formation of the millions and billions of years ago. Powerful eruption magma bring diamonds to the surface, forming a kimberlite pipe, naming comes from the discovery of the first kimberlite pipe where the diamonds are in the Kimberley, South Africa.

Diamonds are part of the precious stones that have the privilege because of its hardness. In the ranks of precious stones, diamond hardness scale reaches 10 mohs, sapphires and rubies followed rocks (ruby), which reached 9 mohs, emerald reach 7-8 mohs. Batu Merah Delima Rock agate gemstone or that the term is classified as a semi-precious stone has a hardness of less than 7 mohs.

In contrast to the diamond, agate rocks formed during hydrothermal solution because the closer the more it cools the surface. While walking to the top, he fills cracks and pores of the rock, and even filling fossil wood so petrified. "Agate rocks formed by silica caps or hydrothermal solution, which is not too far from the surface. The temperature of approximately 300 degrees Celsius," said Sujatmiko, a geologist who is also the Secretary General of the Indonesian Society Precious Stones.

According Sujatmiko, agate rock can be found in almost all parts of Indonesia. Of the 34 provinces in Indonesia, Jakarta only has no agate rocks. While diamonds, so far only found in Borneo. "Diamonds are found in Borneo so far not from the point, but the diamond rocks deposited from secondary sources or carried by water from elsewhere. The geologist has been since the days of the Dutch chase, but did not meet its primary sources such as those found in Kimberley," he says.

Wealth of precious stones and semi-precious because Indonesia's geological activity since millions of years ago. So far, Batu Akik Pirus the oldest geological activity in Indonesia are traceable occurred about 400 million years ago, found a kind of fossil shells that are at the top of the mountains in Papua. It marks a remarkable tectonic activity that can lift the bottom of the sea to form the highest mountain in Indonesia.

Type Agate and Miscellaneous agate

Agate has many types and a variety of models and shapes. Agate can achieve a very fantastic price for the size of a gemstone. Agate has particularly high value because the stone is formed of a very long process, resulting in a unique stone.

In this world there are things that can be easily damaged some are not easy, even so also on the rocks. but due to energy transfer dominates perishable stone rock hard making damaged feels super power compared with other rocks. like glass takes between 100 to 1,000 years to decompose to say can not rot. Similarly, living beings are very short-lived there until the age thousands of years, Macam2 Batu Akik including a variety of rock types. Whatever objects and plants that exist on this planet, is absorbing and emitting energy. Energy absorption as in-put and transmitting energy as out-put. Between the in-put and out-put into harmony and balance mechanism.

The older age of the rocks, the greater the hardness of rare stones. The greater the energy accumulating nature. Accumulation of energy that affects a large-small good luck stone.

At the same rock types, but are in different locations will be able to also determine the difference in energy uptake. It determines the size of the properties or the power of the stone even though he was still in one type. Calm natural location of different energy vortex. Batu Badar Greater natural location exudes energy enables to increase the amount of energy being absorbed by the stone in place.

This factor is more difficult to identify due to evidence also much more difficult. Namely karakterbatu which absorb the energy of nature and capable of binding energy in an unknown time deadlines or relatively permanent. Even the stones that have been destroyed are still able to absorb the energy of nature. The characters are almost resemble fossilized tree only difference this thing never existed and undergone a process of natural selection in a long time.

It can be concluded that the rocks that have been experienced beberbagai factors above natural events which in the process sometimes there is the release of energy as well as energy absorption so that these rocks could have kekauatan or efficacy. so it is not like the idea that inanimate objects are considered suddenly could provide energy. there is a very long process. Let us see what kind of agate are much sought after in Indonesia.
Various kinds of Agate

Various kinds of Agate
Agate Mirah Delima

Ruby is the agate in search of many people. The legend says that if the ruby is inserted into the water makes the water in it is red. Agate Mirah this Pomegranate can be used to treat people affected by toxins, treat disease witchcraft and to attract sympathy
Agate Sapphire

Sapphire is usually celebrated as enhancer tranquility and inner peace. A drug, chicken pox, fever, myopic eyes.
Agate Jade

Jade is very popular in the land of China. Usually colored agate Jade Green. A precious stone that is widely used as accessories by the Chinese nation. Batu Akik Bertuah According to the news, Jade stone can make the heart grow calm and peaceful, as well as a remedy for kidney patients and rheumatism
Agate Amethyst

Adding inner peace, reject anxiety, forming a person's character and make the wearer is always loved by others
Agate Pearl

For peace of mind and as a drug for patients with disorders of femininity.
Agate Solomon

For peace of mind, add authority and keagunggan. And there are many more types of rocks or agate that exist but do not have time I mentioned.

This is the best set of type Agate world

It seems to lovers of antiques, type of agate is no longer a new thing because since ancient agate is much sought after by lovers of these rocks. If we try to understand the hobby this one, are unique in it. Agate is commonly known to decorate the rings for men, turned out to have the kind of individual who also save properties in it. Belief, the following types of agate is much in demand by fans because of the beautiful and of course because of the properties in it. Batu Permata Termahal Consider the following full review. Type Agate Various types of agate that we are seeing now is a rock that comes from micro crystalline quartz with a smoothness and brightness of different colors. During its development, agate in Indonesia save a lot of meaning, such as grace, showing the charm of romance, a sense of peace even bring authority and charisma of the wearer.

Here are 8 types of agate that many in Indonesia:

1. rubies

Rubies an agate that much sought after because in addition to the beautiful and luxurious appearance of this stone is also believed to treat people who are exposed to toxins and eliminate diseases such mystical voodoo and also to attract sympathy.
Because that's not a bit of agate lovers who are willing to spend their money just to reach the pockets in the hunt to get this kind of stone

  2. Stone amethyst

This type of agate amethyst many men preferred because it allows the association to build relationships. Hair amethyst is thought to increase passion for men because expand relationships.

3. Jade

It seems many are often heard the name of this stone, but do not know if this stone belongs to the type of agate. Jade is known comes from mainland China and is usually colored green. Jade is believed to make the heart grow calm, serene and is also widely used as a remedy for kidney patients and rheumatism.

4. Stone Amber

Agate amber much sought after by people although the price could be considered expensive. This is because the properties of amber able to radiate charisma that has a strong appeal.

5. Stone diamond

Beautiful rock not only provide beauty but also can increase the confidence of the wearer. Agate diamond provides peace of mind and adds zest for life. The stone that is usually white and sparkling clear exudes tranquility.

6. Onix Black

Agate has become one of the many types of agate are used by businesses because the efficacy of black onyx stone is considered to provide protection business in the ring.

7. Emerald

The emerald is often used by people to bring inner coolness when he was in trouble and then soothing and bring serenity in life.

8. Turquoise

Turquoise stones, Gems Nan Indah and the Sorcerer
Magical objects for thousands of years has been a source of fascination for humans. Turquoise stone, a familiar name in the ears of the public in general and fans of gemstones and the stone in particular, both in Indonesia and in all corners of the universe. Turquoise stone is one of the unique stone, Batu Akik Combong in addition in the category of gemstones because of the beauty of color and veins, turquoise is also included in the category of the stone. Efficacy or prestige of turquoise has been written in some holy book or books of wisdom, sehingg not surprising that turquoise is much coveted and hunted the rock lovers in the universe.

Already since thousands of years ago, problems or constraints of life is a disruption in the life of a very worrying. Since it is considered as a phenomenon that will be devastated porakan person's life, since it was also the man trying to find a way out in an effort to overcome various challenges or problems existing constraints by using force by means of Spiritual Science and the Supernatural supernatural or magical objects nuanced Sorcerer like turquoise.

The very rocks lovers know very well the veins or lines that are in the turquoise stone, usually among lovers of the stone named it that vein, sometimes there is a line called turquoise leaves. However, in the case of veins visible lines on the rocks Turquoise nothing special in stripes on the turquoise stone is turquoise stripes red, the red line is said it has a very high price, this is because the red lines are in stone was considered sacred.

Abdullah (46), one of the residents of Serang, Banten, and the fan and owner of turquoise say that the stone has a light green color and has a typical old as there are streaks or veins attached to the stone, so judging glance at this turquoise stone layer, such as a stone that is being cracked. Streaks or veins turquoise are also many kinds, there are veins of gold, red, and so forth. "lines or veins red turquoise is sacred carp, so-called turquoise Abdurrazaq, highly sought many people" he explained.

David Kang (53) one of the characters from Bogor young psychics say that the issue is very unique turquoise stone, turquoise is believed to have the energy or a very strong mystical aura. "Turquoise that, since ancient times believed to have mystical energy or prestige, so much in demand. Of all types of turquoise, great is the deep gold and red veined ", he told infomistik, 03/01/2013.

Regarding the efficacy or prestige of turquoise, according to him, turquoise has a property to bring peace, happiness in the home, and is also believed to bring good luck to the business owner. "efficacy of stones like turquoise bertua this, many have efficacy mas, besides bring happiness but also bring good luck for the stone and its owner if it fits" he said.

Turquoise is one of the precious stones that have a variety of colors and types. In general Naishabur light blue turquoise and turquoise green leaves Mecca. However, it is not rare to find turquoise black, white, and even silver. Surely such a rare commodity categories that are hard to find. Batu Akik Kecubung The most sought-after rare turquoise is Abdurrazaq turquoise, gold veins, red veins, and vein of silver. Turquoise Abdurrazaq radiate positive energy for the wear that makes the face glow. Abdurrazaq color can not be described in writing, but usually Turquoise has a net-shaped veins (veins nets).

Abdurrazaq hunted the scholars of wisdom because it has a prophylactic efficacy of a sharp weapon (if unintentional) and has a tang energy useful in trafficking. This is called Abdurrazaq, because it is useful in commerce. In the book of Al-Ilbaas there is information that the Muslims who wear turquoise will not experience sudden death and breathe deadly in their own homes adjacent to the family who loves him. The Sunni and Shiite majority has advocated for Turquoise. Some of the Dome of the great mosque in Iran deliberately made of turquoise as to give effect to the spirit of worship to God.

Agate type above is considered to be able to provide easiness in life but to keep in mind is no greatest strength of the creator. Should be to address each of the things that we do it wisely. Because after all, common sense should keep running to keep it running in the proper way.

Recipes How To Make The Most delicious chicken Opor

Chicken Opor an archipelago with the original food made from chicken and rice cake or rice cake smothered in coconut milk. Resep Dan Bahan Membuat Ayam Goreng Tepung very tasty chicken flavor. Chicken curry including the types of foods culinary legacy from the days of old days.

Culinary heritage is plentiful and diverse archipelago, living our tastes which was choice. Usually Opor Chicken broth is also used as a sauce for chicken porridge, it can be met in a particular area such as Jogja and Central Java which often make Chicken Porridge with the same sauce as gravy Opor Chicken.

Recipe Chicken Opor relative ease, the material is also easy on the can in the shop or market. Chicken Opor way of presenting practical enough not seribet soup or meatballs. Additionally Opor Chicken tastes good too savory and spicy can be adjusted to taste each.

Opor an archipelago rice cake healthful food for all ages, of course, except for toddlers. Resep Ayam Panggang Kecap If the body is sick eating the most delicious savory ddan fry, lontong Opor can be used as a reference in addition to chicken porridge.

Opor rice cake is also suitable to be used as a special food that is delicious in a variety of events such as Eid Eid, the menu iftar, the event gathering, celebration, salvation, etc. All very suitable moment Opor eating a chicken with his family and beloved colleague.

Below we will share and Recipes How to Make Chicken Opor simple yet delicious. Prepare the ingredients and cooking tools are needed to Make Chicken Opor. Here is the recipe Chicken Opor speial from us.

  Ingredients Chicken Opor:

     1/2 kg of fresh chicken
     1 coconut old well
     10 pieces of fresh red onion (not wet)
     3 cloves of garlic
     5 grains of walnut (intact)
     1/2 tablespoon coriander
     1/4 tablespoon caraway / cumin
     1/4 tablespoon pepper
     1 cm of fresh laos
     2 bay leaves (dried)
     1 stalk lemongrass
     1/2 tablespoons brown sugar
     salt to taste
     taste diamond

How to Make Chicken Opor:

     First clean the chicken and cut into several parts, please set aside
     Furthermore, grated coconut before, then squeeze to produce coconut milk and liquid milk.
     Then puree all ingredients except lemon grass above this, bay leaves and galangal.
     Now give liquid milk in a large saucepan, then add the subtle spice earlier, stir-stir until boiling correctly.
     Then enter all the chicken meat is cut and pour the thick coconut milk.
     Your last step, let the chicken until cooked well or very soft.
     Remove and serve with rice cake or rice cake and sauce

Enjoy Opor Chicken while warm and enjoy together with colleagues or your family. Similarly How to Make Chicken and delicious Resep Dan Bahan Membuat Ayam Goreng Kuning Enak recipes from our Opor. Please peep our previous jugaresep How to Make Banana Chips Crispy Savory healthy snacks for your family.

Recipes How to Make Chicken Spicy Seasoning Rica-Rica

Dishes archipelago cuisine from Manado city is very interested in the Indonesia. Cuisine Cara Membuat Ayam Bakar Bumbu Rujak is typical of Manado cuisine that has spread throughout the corners of the archipelago. This time, we will share Rica-Rica Recipe Chicken with Spicy Seasoning delights. For those of you who like spicy sensation of a dish, it is suitable to try this recipe at home. For the culinary connoisseur who has tastes sweet or savory dishes without spicy, can also try this recipe Rica-Rica without using Spicy Seasoning.

The uniqueness of Chicken Rica-Rica has a distinctive taste and exquisite spices rempahnya thus creating a sense of sweet and savory special. How to make Chicken Rica-Rica is quite easy and made of materials that food can easily be obtained.

Indonesian tongue tastes have in common is like dishes that highlight the flavor spices rempahnya, so no wonder many eating places selling chicken dishes Rica-Rica. Innovation or creativity taste combined with our tastes can be created senikmat possible. This time we will present Resep Ayam Bumbu Merah Enak Spesial with Spicy Seasoning delicious, specially for you fans of spicy cuisine. The material and method of making Chicken Rica-Rica that we pack in Rica-Rica Chicken Recipe Spicy Seasoning following:

  Materials Rica-Rica Chicken Spicy Seasoning:

     1 chickens were (cut into pieces)
     Water (to taste)
     Cooking oil (to taste)
     2 stalks lemongrass (crushed / dikeprek)
     8 lime leaves (remove the fishy)
     Sugar, salt and flavorings (to taste)

Fine seasoning Rica-Rica Chicken Spicy Seasoning:

     20 red chili sauce
     8 large red chilies
     4 cloves of garlic
     4 pieces of onion

How to Make Chicken Spicy Seasoning Rica-Rica:

     Clean the chicken and cut into sections.
     Heat enough oil in a frying pan and fry the chicken until half yellowish (not to yellow) then remove and drain.
     Then heat oil in a skillet sufficient to be used for sauteing and stir-fry all the spices, sugar, salt, and flavorings to taste (stir) then enter the chicken and stir to evenly cover chicken seasoning.
     The last step, add enough water, lemongrass, ginger and lime leaves stir until evenly distributed. Wait until the chicken is cooked and the flavors mingle, then lift and serve on a beautiful plate and garnish with red chili pieces cut flowers and 2 lime leaves make it look appetizing. Rica-Rica Chicken Seasoning Spicy ready to be served.

Good luck with your family or your colleagues, and enjoy the sensation of sweet spicy Resep Mudah Membuat Ayam Goreng Mentega Seasoning made your own. For those of you who might want to try Constructing archipelago other recipes, visit our previous recipe Recipe Honey Iga Bakar no less delicious. So How to Create and Chicken Recipe Spicy Seasoning Rica-Rica can we present a practical way to you the culinary connoisseur.

List Price Samsung Android Latest Offers

Today is the first time we provide information to you all, gadget lovers in Indonesia. Our goal is to make this website as a reference for you before buying the gadget you want, because we will summarize all the gadgets that circulate in Indonesia Berita Terbaru, in the form of a complete gadget reviews and specifications and reviews of these gadgets, do not miss all we provide the latest gadgets price list each month, and this time the price of Harga HP Samsung Galaxy Android Murah that was the tops of information we provide to you.

Samsung has become the king of Android phones, this title acquired after successfully defeating the competitor-competitor in terms of sales of Android-based mobile phone. Harga Laptop Samsung diverse because it is the show to various segments of society throughout the world, becoming an important factor why Samsung is able to reap sales very much.

Competing with Apple in presenting inovoasi and in terms of sales of gadgets in the world, to two major vendors have remained firm on the market Share of each, as you know if Apple is relying on iOS as their flagship OS, but unlike Samsung which still rely Android as a money machine penggeruk South Korean company.

Consumers today's mobile phones are more intelligent in comparison to previous years, they better pick-quality phone than a normal mobile phone with questionable quality standards. Samsung became one of the exact product that you can have, in addition to quality products, product quantity and Samsung also has a very high standard factory. For those of you who are interested in buying a Samsung gadgets, we've been presenting List Harga HP Samsung Android Kitkat which we summarize below. May be useful for you all.

You need to remember Prices HP Samsung which we gave above may be different from the price of the Samsung phone in the region or city where you live. So it helps you to first check with the nearest mobile phone store before you buy the phone you want.

Dozens HP Samsung on who you choose to vulnerable price of 500 thousand to 8 millions, will depend on the specifications of the mobile stretcher. For those of you who have a minimal budget, you can choose a range of Samsung Galaxy Y or Samsung Galaxy Fame at a price below 2 million dollars, whereas those of you who have an infinite budget course you will not hesitate choosing Samsung Galaxy S4 or maybe Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with 8 Millions prices.

Similarly, the latest information on the Samsung Mobile Price hariangadget this article, wait for the other Samsung Mobile Price Harga Hp Samsung Terbaru information that we provide to your right, and do not forget we would like to thank those of you who have been listening to information about.

Aliando stuck with Cita Citata, Prilly Latuconsina Jealous

Beauty pedangdut Biodata Foto Cita Citata apparently did not want to make Aliando Syarif apart. When Cita sing mainstay, pain Tuh Here, Aliando fun enjoying the sound Getter appear passionate in 20th Anniversary Indosiar in Emtek City, Daan, West Jakarta, Sunday (01/11/2015) night.

Not alone, Aliando accompanied by some teenagers who stood around the piano where Cita. Cita occasional glance dropped his eyes toward Aliando. Handsome Hunk-soap star was behind the wolf's eyes stared back Cita with a big smile.

Seeing the familiarity, the couple Aliando in GGS, Prilly Latuconsina seemed jealous. With the eyes of a cynical, Prilly immediately put a face jutek of disapproval. Realizing this, Biodata Foto Aliando Syarief Terbaru was rushed to Prilly.

Prilly anger was finally dissolved after Aliando sang Love You To Death which became the soundtrack sinetronnya GGS. Apparently it's just part of the act Aliando, Biodata Foto Prilly Latuconsina and Cita to enliven the 20th Anniversary Indosiar.

However, it is recognized Prilly, he was never jealous of Aliando. Because, until now there was no other girl who dared to approach Aliando.

"Jealousy not ya? Not know. Because he never close with somebody other than me. Hahaha. Because we both kept, so there's no chance for another another girl close to her, 'said Prilly Latuconsina.

Set of Moving Image Animation Latest

Moving Pictures Funny - Good night friends poplex, the admin will further distribute sesuaru humorous for you this evening. In the review that has already we've memebrikan some funny pictures to your animasi lucu bergerak gokil, to complete the admin will add another set of images that you can move and make any dwonload up to you.

Moving Pictures Funny set this time is one of 1 keywords are pretty much in-searching by netizens (internet users) in Indonesia, especially for the teenagers and also young - mudi need entertainment when upset with daily life - today.

Moving funny animated images that use format. This gif can you download so that you can use in power point (ppt), mobile phones, twitter, google plus, the display picture blackberry, dp bbm kata kata bijak terbaru android games for the background for your desktop or laptop computer at home.

Set of images animated moving wallpaper that you can free download it nevertheless can you send it to your friends via email, BBM or MMS. For social media is still in the format supports animation. gif seems just Facebook alone that does not yet support.

If you are happy with the reply reply comments on facebook it is good to also see some photos Funny Facebook comments can be found here. Guaranteed to make laugh to pee.

Now you can select any deh suitable for you. dp bbm lucu begerak gokil Approximately which suit the tastes of each. Hopefully this time of collection of moving images could be something entertaining for a friend to all.

The latest set of images gif moving today

Download dp bbm sedih Animation Moving Latest Funny - The latest information about DP's New fuel will fill our encounter on the review of this article. DP Animation Moving BBM Display Picture Unique Funny Pictures, Animations DP BBM Display Picture Unique Funny Moving Pictures, Animations DP BBM Display Picture Unique Funny Moving Pictures, Animations DP BBM Display Picture Unique Funny Moving Pictures, Animations DP BBM Display Picture Unique Funny Moving Pictures, DP animation Moving BBM Display Picture Unique Funny Pictures, animations DP BBM Display Picture Unique Funny Moving Pictures, animations download dp bbm bergerak Display Picture Unique Funny Moving Pictures.

For those of you who would want to know more news, then you can listen to the latest news of our latest updates mudali course Fuel Funny DP, DP BBM Love, DP BBM troubled and so forth, following more info below:

That is some set of Kumpulan dp bbm Unik Latest fuel that we can inform fellow colleagues all. Hopefully I hope what we share is beneficial to us all. Please wait for the latest news other which would be present every day.

7 Agate Most Expensive In Indonesia

7 Agate Most Expensive In Indonesia - Batu ring or so-called agate or also commonly referred to as jade, is now much in demand by the people in different parts of Indonesia, from young children to the elderly currently hunting a unique stone that can be used as a ring. Harga dan Khasiat Batu Giok This ring is used as a form of accessory in the area of fingers, each agate is used must have its own kinds and types have different price rates as well.

Agate or stone rings belonging to the accessory, and classified as luxury items especially with stone ring that cost is very high, there is Stone Rings Expensive that cost up to tens of millions. This waw very spectacular once of course, is like just a ring but the price is so expensive, Batu Bacan Doko but for the middle class also do not worry because there are many types of stone ring that price can be adjusted with the contents of the wallet.

Here are 7 Agate Most Expensive In Indonesia:

1. Gemstone Blue Sapphire

Agate Most Expensive In Indonesia

Stone Ring The first is the Blue sapphire, of course, this stone has a variety of types, but for the most expensive usually less pegged around 90 million.

2. Pigeon Blood Ruby Gems

Agate Most Expensive In Indonesia

To get the stone with this elegant red color you have to spend at least you around 37 million dollars and obviously this can be changed to change the price according to the conditions of the stone ring

3. Star Ruby Gems Tanzania

Agate Most Expensive In Indonesia

Not much different from the price above, for stone ring this one you have to spend about 32 million to be able to put this ring on your fingers.

4. Gems Super Giant Green Fluorite
Harga dan Jenis Batu Akik

Not much different it is with this agate, almost resembling the above costs about 30 millions to enjoy the beauty of this translucent green stone.

5. Sparkling Gems London Blue Topaz

Agate Most Expensive In Indonesia

Stone ring this one the price is quite affordable for those of you who really want it enough to pay about 12 million alone, sesuailah with quality.

6. Super Green Chalcedony

Agate Most Expensive In Indonesia

Stone rings are smooth and clear green is pegged at around 8 million only. For those who might want this one rocks the most affordable price.

7. Gems Green Sapphire

Agate Most Expensive In Indonesia

Well there are a little cheaper again with a price of about 6 million only, with a spend that much you can bring a stone ring is elegant and fierce.

Now that's 7 Most Expensive Agate in Indonesia. of course it's still a little and many more stone rings of various types and a variety of prices.

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